Amazon Dream Meaning

Amazon woman meaning in dreams

Amazon women are often portrayed as fierce and powerful warriors. Dreaming about an Amazon woman may symbolize your own inner strength, determination, and resilience. It could represent a need to tap into your personal power and assertiveness to overcome challenges in your waking life.

The image of an Amazon woman can embody feminine power, independence, and self-reliance. Dreaming about an Amazon woman may reflect your desire for greater autonomy and freedom in your life. It could symbolize a need to assert yourself and break free from societal expectations or limitations.

In some interpretations, an Amazon woman in a dream can represent the integration and balance of masculine and feminine energies within yourself. It may suggest a need to embrace both assertive and nurturing qualities, finding harmony between strength and sensitivity.

The archetype of the Amazon woman often aligns with the hero's journey, representing a call to adventure and personal growth. Dreaming about an Amazon woman may symbolize your readiness to embark on a journey of self-discovery, facing challenges, and embracing your potential.

The Amazons have roots in ancient mythology and legends. Dreaming about an Amazon woman may signify a connection to ancestral wisdom, ancient traditions, or spiritual guidance. It could represent a call to honor your lineage and draw upon the wisdom of the past.

Dreaming of amazon women

If you met an Amazon in a dream, you should be ready for disappointment because of departure of someone close to you.

If you dreamed you were an Amazon, a long journey awaits you.

You fought with the Amazon in your dream - misfortune will happen to a person close to you who will go on a journey.

According to Mythological dreambook, Amazons are a symbol of the desire for independence, feminist inclinations, women's sexual passions, vices, desires (nymphomania, female homosexuality); a new woman in dreamer’s surrounding with a corresponding character.

Some dreambooks consider Amazons a symbol of troubles and cheating in your love relationships.

Ukrainian dreambook thinks that seeing an Amazon in a dream means you will have to deal with a very voluptuous woman; have family feuds.

Amazon on horseback - treason of your beloved; on foot - detected and suppressed misfortune.

To see a beautiful girl on horseback and in full military gear (usually a bow and arrows, a short spear), regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, is a bad dream. It foreshadows you betrayal in love. And you can hardly do anything about it, because you are not able to change yourself and change your beloved; you can only slightly affect his/her behavior, but this influence is temporary.

The Mythological dreambook gives the following interpretation of such a dream. In Greek mythology, amazons were women warriors, living apart from men, retained and continued only their gender. So dreaming about amazons indicates the desire for independence, feminist inclinations, female sexual passions, vices, desires (nymphomania, female homosexuality); a new woman surrounded by a sleeping person with an appropriate character.

According to the Ukrainian dreambook, seeing an amazon in a dream may also speak about family misunderstandings.

Sergii Haranenko
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