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Amazon Dream Meaning

If you met an Amazon in a dream, you should be ready for disappointment because of departure of someone close to you.

If you dreamed you were an Amazon, a long journey awaits you.

You fought with the Amazon in your dream - misfortune will happen to a person close to you who will go on a journey.

According to Mythological dreambook, Amazons are a symbol of the desire for independence, feminist inclinations, women's sexual passions, vices, desires (nymphomania, female homosexuality); a new woman in dreamer’s surrounding with a corresponding character.

Some dreambooks consider Amazons a symbol of troubles and cheating in your love relationships.

Ukrainian dreambook thinks that seeing an Amazon in a dream means you will have to deal with a very voluptuous woman; have family feuds.

Amazon on horseback - treason of your beloved; on foot - detected and suppressed misfortune.

To see a beautiful girl on horseback and in full military gear (usually a bow and arrows, a short spear), regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, is a bad dream. It foreshadows you betrayal in love. And you can hardly do anything about it, because you are not able to change yourself and change your beloved; you can only slightly affect his/her behavior, but this influence is temporary.

Sergii Haranenko

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