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Horse Riding Dream Meaning

If you were in the saddle in your dream, and had to ride a horse in a dream, then this picture is interpreted depending on the behavior, interaction, character and color of the horse.

If you were riding a white horse in your dream, this is a favorable sign predicting having a good time in the company of your friends, a number of new impressions and spiritual self-development.

Riding a horse in a dream may indicate small obstacles, pitfalls, on the way to the desired goal, if the stallion kicks and goats while riding.

When you had to ride a horse bareback in a dream, you can expect material well-being and goal achievement, but you will have to put a lot of efforts for this.

A drawn horse in a dream usually has negative interpretation: the plot predicts losing your second half. You should remember showing love and affection to your partner.

According to the Family dreambook, riding a horse that eventually throws off the dreamer is a negative sign, but not fatal. You will soon have a disease, which you will have to fight for a long time, but the struggle will end in victory.

As for horse carriage seen in a dream, if the dreamer controlled it sitting in the carriage, this plot predicts promotion at work due to your own efforts. If he sees a loaded wagon from the outside, then it promises difficult responsibilities in the family.

Sergii Haranenko

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