Antique Dream Meaning

What do antiquities symbolize in a dream? When one dreams about an antique, this is usually a sign of sad memories or a prediction of a meeting with an old acquaintance. Besides that, such a dream predicts the improvement of social status.

Seeing antiquities in a store in a dream promises health improvement.

Holding antiques in your hands is a sign of minor troubles. Inheriting antiques – means the emergence of an additional source of income.

Seeing antiques in a dream or buying them in a store is a sign of a miraculous and unexpected healing of a long-standing illness.

Looking at antiques - symbolizes your well-being, but it can be quite short-lived if the antiques are badly worn or broken. For those who are struggling with excess weight, such a dream is a harbinger of your success, you may well lose weight.

According to the Family dreambook, a dream in which you see expensive antiques portends happiness in your home.

Broken and unpretentious-looking antiques seen in a pawnshop – means your well-being fluctuates on the scales of luck.

Picking up and examining antique gizmos - beware of getting into trouble. Getting hold of them – means you can get an inheritance.

Seeing old books in a dream - folios, manuscripts, scrolls, manuscripts – this is a warning to fear evil in any form. Seeing elegant antique dishes or utensils – is a sign that you will find the favor of strangers and great offers from them.

    What do some antique items represent in a dream?
  • antique book - a dangerous situation due to indiscretion;
  • beautiful furniture - means prosperity and well-being;
  • antique dishes - predict profitable cooperation;
  • antiquities with inscriptions - original ideas;
  • antique with painting - making an important decision;
  • an antique vase promises harmony and comfort in the house;
  • an antique mirror - means problems due to gullibility;
  • an antique box is a sign of good investment;
  • antique jewelry - attending a solemn event.

    What are the Top-5 adverse antiquities dream meanings?
  • Antique weapons warn about making a serious mistake.
  • Seeing an antique chandelier - means misunderstanding in relations with family members.
  • Selling antiques in a dream - predicts the deterioration of the financial situation.
  • Stealing antiquities - means participating in a dubious project.
  • To see how someone throws out antiques - means temporary difficulties in business.

    Here are the Top-5 positive dreams of antique:
  • Antique watches in a dream speak of unexpected wealth.
  • An antique car - promises respect and recognition in society.
  • Buying antiques means a favorable combination of circumstances.
  • Finding it - promises the fulfillment of desire.
  • If you dreamed that you were presented with an antique, this means an acquaintance with an influential person.

A set of antiques in a dream speaks of participating in a charity event. Seeing antiques in the dust - predicts the loss of a large amount.

Sergii Haranenko
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