Chandelier Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a luxurious crystal chandelier, then things will turn out safely. Relations with relatives will develop easily and naturally. Kind communication will bring many joyful minutes.

A broken floor lamp discovered in a dream warns of a high probability of quarrels and scandals. It will not be easy for you to find common language with others and relatives. The Wanderer's Dream Book recommends remembering about patience. Harmony will come sooner than you can imagine now.

If you dream that you turned on a large light bulb, and it immediately lit up with a bright light, this plot promises that things will go “uphill”. Also, the dream book does not exclude the emergence of new love affection.

Dream book of Azar is convinced that a beautiful crystal chandelier can be seen in a dream when you will happen to visit a gala evening in reality. The more charming the dream scene was, the better you will feel at the upcoming important evening.

If in a dream you noticed not a usual lamp but a beautiful crystal chandelier, then your health will be good and your business will be successful. An improvement in financial situation is possible. If the patient saw such a plot, then he can expect a speedy recovery.

Is it a dream that you turn on the light, but it does not light up? Most likely you will not be able to keep the promise given to someone in real life. The interpretation of dreams warns of spiritual experiences connected with this act. They can be so strong that they will lead to severe depression. Can't cope with longing or anger for a very long time? Visit a psychologist. He will surely help.

If a sick person dreams of a broken chandelier, then one should prepare for deterioration in well-being. A dream of a broken lighting device threatens fatal troubles. But do not panic in advance. The Dream Interpretation of Adaskin advises to take measures in order to circumvent the trouble.

If a large chandelier falls in a dream, this means you will have to live a joyless and difficult time. Troubles, cares and failures will undermine faith in one's own strength. Only perseverance, as well as unlimited hard work will help you overcome everything.

To see a wooden chandelier during a night's rest – is a symbol of sadness. You will have to be sad at an important party event. Miller's dream book advises to come to a meeting with a loved one. He will help to cope with despondency.

A falling light source in a dream is a joyless sign. What you rely on so much does not materialize. A large falling lamp is a symbol of major trouble.

If the chandelier fell in a dream, but did not fall to pieces, the difficulties will be successfully overcome. The dream gives you the opportunity to talk about how to turn any, even the most negative, situation into your own favor.

Sergii Haranenko
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