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Buying Expensive And Cult Items Dream Meaning

A car represents speed easiness and luxury in a dream. If you purchased an old car, you should be watchful in real life.

Buying land or a new apartment in a dream means a big change.

The dreambooks explain buying gold and gold jewelry as the coming prosperity. Fake gold jewelry warns the dreamer of the possibility of fraud.

The gold ring, in particular the wedding rings, is considered by dream to be harbingers of love. New earrings foreshadow disappointment, buying a single earring is a symbol of surprise.

If you are lucky enough to buy a gold chain or bracelet, good luck will follow you for a long time. Beads purchase in a dream foreshadows a fateful meeting.

Buying a new cross, church candles or candles consecrated in the church foreshadow marriage. Oddly enough, buying a coffin foreshadows joy and wealth, and a new veil - the fulfillment of desires. To buy an icon means to believe that a higher power is favorable to you.

Sergii Haranenko

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