Attack Dream Meaning

An attack is far not the most pleasant thing that the person can see in a dream. If you saw a dream about attack, in order to interpret it correctly you should first of all remember who the attacker was and what the reason was.

According to Miller, if the man attacked a woman in his dream, it means he has some interest for her. Even if he himself does not understand this, on a subconscious level, he wants to get close to this woman.

If a girl sees a dream about a man’s attack, this image promises a number of problems. If she attacked a guy, this is a sign of problems in personal life.

If you were a part of sports team and attacked the competitors in a dream, this plot is a symbol of success in the sphere you have chosen. But if your team lost, this can be a sign of ill-wisher’s intrigues.

If the team of your rivals attacked you, you should remember how you were holding. If you managed to fight back, there is no need to worry; the problems will have nothing to do with you. If you couldn’t fight back, this means you should pay attention to even smallest problems.

A war attack seen in a dream is a sign that you should get together yourself and mobilize your relatives or colleagues. If you were attacking this means that the events of the last several days knocked you off the track so much that you can have nervous exhaustion. And if you dreamed that the enemies attacked your positions and military targets, then this is a sign of big problems with serious consequences. Get prepared for them both morally and financially.

If you had a dream that a maniac put a knife blade to your throat, this means that some circumstances will force you to remain silent. If the attacker was hitting you in the face in a dream, this means that someone will reveal to you an impartial secret about someone close to you; but the circumstances will make you hide this information from others.

If you attacked the gangster who attacked you, this means: go against fate and public opinion only if you are completely confident in your victory and have a number of comrades or at least the support of an influential person.

Being an ataman in a dream - means you will have to commit an act that contradicts your personal moral code.

If you attacked an animal, then this is a sign of your triumph in the area that you chose for yourself as a priority (for some it is a career, for others - education, for third - family).

    If the animal attacked you in a dream, you should remember who it was:
  • rodents - keep your emotions under control;
  • bear - you are very attached to family or parents;
  • the representative of the feline family - the envious people will bring trouble;
  • dog - quarrel with a friend because of different opinions on the same question;
  • bull - foreshadows happiness in your personal life;
  • ram - a sign that stubbornness will play a cruel joke with you;
  • hippopotamus, elephant, rhinoceros - to clash with an influential person.
Sergii Haranenko
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