Black Rat Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of dreams about black rats? Usually black rats seen in a dream predict appearance of a large number of enemies. Similar dreams are also signs of different troubles and ailments.

    The dreambooks give brief explanations of the image of black rat in a dream depending on details. How did the black rat look in your dream?
  • black rat running - events with negative consequences;
  • black rat without tail - family disagreements;
  • pregnant black rat - danger;
  • black rat in blood - the illness of a relative;
  • black rat with a white head - good changes in your personal life;
  • a kind black rat - communicating with a hypocritical person;
  • a pet black rat - treason;
  • a dead black rat - positive impressions;
  • black rat alive - concern about the health of children;
  • a fat black rat - pressure from high-ranking people;
  • a beautiful black rat - a crisis in relationship with a loved one;
  • black rat with spots - household chores;
  • black rat with red eyes - trouble on vacation;
  • a big black rat - a reprimand from the boss;
  • a long black rat - an unsuccessful trip;
  • a small black rat - disorder in business;
  • a huge black rat - problems with the law.
    Depending on how many black rats you see in a dream:
  • one black rat - the appearance of a hypocritical friend;
  • two black rats - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • three black rats - violation of your plans;
  • a lot of black rats - the intrigues of colleagues.

If you saw a black rat in the water in your dream, this may be a warning of unexpected dismissal. A black rat in the house may predict the division of property; a black rat in a cage – is a symbol of gossip in the work team; dreaming about a black rat in bed - predicts an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

    What did you do with the black rat in your dream?
  • to see a black rat with your own eyes – is a sign of theft in the dreamer's house;
  • stroking a black rat - overcoming financial difficulties;
  • feeding a black rat - predicts a visit of annoying guests;
  • to chase and catch a black rat in a dream - means victory over a competitor;
  • to drive a black rat away - predicts the end of the period of bad luck;
  • eating a black rat in a dream - means receiving a bonus;
  • to kill a black rat - is a sign of promotion;
  • to bite a black rat - misunderstanding with a loved one;
  • running away from a black rat means losing a lawsuit.
    Depending on what the black rat is doing, the dreambooks give the following interpretations:
  • black rat playing - quarrels with friends because of failure to fulfill your promises;
  • black rat biting - losing a job;
  • black rat attacks - dangerous incidents;
  • black rat ran past you - vain hopes;
  • black rat jumping - an unfavorable coincidence of circumstances;
  • black rat hiding - apathy due to lack of purpose in life;
  • black rat trying to bite - an insult from a stranger;
  • black rat runs away - the need to change the place of residence.
    What are the top-5 negative meanings of dreaming about black rats?
  • Scary and evil black rats in dreams predict failure in all areas of life.
  • Black and white rats fighting among themselves - fighting with relatives for inheritance.
  • Two fat black rats - insult from a loved one.
  • Hearing their squeak is a sign of slight discomfort.
  • To lose and find a black-and-gray tame rat - means meanness on the part of a friend.
    Are there positive meanings of black rats in a dream? Here the top-5 of them.
  • Poisoning black rats in a dream predicts the beginning of a favorable period in life.
  • To lure rodents into a trap - a long and calm life.
  • Seeing in a dream how cats hunt black rats means victory over ill-wishers.
  • A lot of black rats and mice - a pleasant surprise.
  • A black rat that sleeps - a long-awaited meeting with an old friend.

Black rats in dreams also speak of obstacles on the way to the goal and trouble due to wastefulness. A dream in which a black rat fawns foreshadows a new love relationship.

Kissing a black rat in a dream is a symbol of sexual satisfaction. Dreaming about a black rat at the abandoned plant, this image predicts problems at work.

According to Freud, black rats in a dream are a symbol of sexual aggression and a penchant for dangerous adventures.

If you dream that black rats scatter in different directions – this means an unexpected solution to financial problems; if they are eating from the table – there will be a visit of a hypocritical person.

Sergii Haranenko
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