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Red Eyes Dream Meaning

Seeing red eyes in a dream is a symbol of grief and resentment. But this is if you dreamed of your own reflection in the mirror, dream books suggest. But, if you see another creature with a similar look, then in order to understand what such dream means, you should study the details of the vision: who looked and how he behaved.

There is a lot of information in Miller’s dream book about what the eyes symbolize in a dream, but if they are reddened, it means that events will occur that will make you worry.

Did you dream of a red-eyed guy saying something to you? Be careful, such images mean a cunning flatterer who, having gained your trust is capable of doing harm.

The dream in which you see a person with red eyes, according to the dream book of pastor Loff, can promise only one thing - betrayal. Remember, if this person was familiar to you, then a close friend will bring some sadness. And if you see him for the first time, then you should not trust unfamiliar people - they will let you down.

Did you dream that the cat is looking at you unblinkingly? This is a sign that someone is watching your actions. If you saw in a dream that its eyes became red - expect trouble. Redness of a cat’s eyes is a symbol of treachery and betrayal, Medea’s dream book states.

The Moon Dream Book offers its own interpretation of what the red eyes of a cat symbolize in a dream. If you dreamed that the green eyes of the cat are turning red, then this is a warning: beware of the wiles of enemies, they are planning something bad.

Do not start anything risky if you saw redness of cat's eyeballs in a dream, and not just redness, but their glow. If its eyes turn red and glow in the dark - this is a sign of danger that could happen to you.

The interpretation of the dream, in which you had the burning red eyes of a dog, according to the Eastern Dream Book, will please you. Such stories indicate that a friend is ready to give his life for you; he is so devoted to you.

And according to the Gypsy dream book explaining why the red eyes of the dog are seen in a dream, you need to make an adjustment for the state of the dog: if he growls and barks at you, this promises a betrayal of a friend, and here, a red-eyed dog asking for caress in a dream is a symbol of devotion.

All those who dreamed of the red eyes of a wolf need to look at their team, perhaps someone is offended by you. The wolf, whose eye sockets in a dream emit a bright crimson color, portends fierce competition for the desired place, says the interpreter of the White Magician. If a girl dreamed of such a thing, then this portends her the envy of her colleague and, as a result, setting the rest of the team against her.

You can find out why a rat with red eyes is seen in a dream, analyzing the plot, interpreters assure. You dreamed of a gray rat - expect unpleasant conversations behind your back, simply - gossip. But, if a white rat appeared in a dream, then it is worth taking care of your words and deeds.

    There are a number of living creatures whose reddened eyes in a dream may portend something. Here they are:
  • bull - predicts persistence in achieving a goal;
  • bird - promises possible difficulties in the trip;
  • insect - do not brush off minor problems;
  • a fairy-tale animal - to the fulfillment of a desire.

Sergii Haranenko

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