Black Ring Dream Meaning

Often, having seen a black ring in a dream, a person falls into despair, expecting major troubles and conflicts. And in most cases, these fears are justified, but there are also such stories that promise not grief, but great joy and good luck. Remember everything that you dreamed about, and dream books will help you figure out why such a symbol appears.

If you dreamed that the wedding ring on your finger turned black, this means deterioration in the relationship with your spouse, Gustav Miller upsets with the interpretation of a dream.

For unmarried girls to see in a dream how a beloved boyfriend gives a black ring is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer will have a lot of grief with this person. Such a vision, seen before an engagement or wedding, is prophetic - for the sake of further happiness in life, you should abandon this marriage.

For a man who wants to find out what the blackened wedding ring means in a dream, the dream book tells: pay attention to your spouse. It is likely that she lacks care and love, so there is a chance that she will either leave you, or will look for what she is missing in the arms of other men.

    Did you have a dream that you were wearing a black ring with a stone on your finger? This means that you will be haunted by conflicts, quarrels and grief with negative consequences. But in order to interpret this dream more accurately, remember what shade of stone the ring was with - this will tell in what area of life to expect problems. So, to see a black ring with a stone of:
  • black color - you will be fatally unlucky, everything will fall out of your hands;
  • red stone - do not expect happiness in love;
  • dark-blue color stone – you should take care of your health;
  • green color - beware of bankruptcy or debt bondage;
  • white stone on black ring - friends or colleagues will upset you greatly;
  • yellow stone - be prepared for deception or betrayal;
  • black ring with purple stone - your marriage is at stake.

If you see in a dream that your husband gave you a golden ring, which immediately turned black as soon as you took it in your hands, according to the interpretations of the Eastern Dream Book, this means that you show negative emotions towards him without measure. Try to control your anger and irritability if you care about this relationship. The black ring that you buy in the store for yourself in a dream suggests that you do not have a sense of tact and concern for other people, the Gypsy dream book assures. You consider yourself better than others, causing others to feel negative about yourself. You need to understand that someday you will have to seek help from other, but it is unlikely that you will be provided with such an approach to life as yours.

The interpreter Tsvetkov calls on to changing your goals and priorities, revising your goals and objectives, deciphering what the plot is about in which you are presented with a blackened golden ring. There is a chance to suffer from someone's malicious intent. Even if the anger was not directed at you, you may accidentally be hit.

A stolen black ring in a dream is also considered a bad omen. This is a sign that someone will interfere with your plans coming true the way you want. The only correct decision is to wait a while.

To the surprise of many, a black ring, in a dream, can also prophesy positive moments, dream books assure.

So, for example, to see a rubber ring in a dream is a sign that you will be able to stay on your feet in difficult times. Difficulties will not break you, but only provoke you.

Why do you dream that you have broken or melted a black ring on fire? The Islamic dream book explains: this is a signal of the end of streak of bad luck.

And if in a night dream you received an old black ring made of precious metal as a gift or inherited it, then in reality you will either gain a strong patron, or you will have the gift of foreboding. Both factors will favorably influence your future fate.

Sergii Haranenko
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