Blue Hair Dream Meaning

Medea's dream book considers blue hair a symbol of magic and wonders. For a woman to see blue hair in a dream means to be able to charm and fall in love with a man without much effort. Modern interpreters also explain in a positive way why men dream of bright hair.

Gustav Miller compares blue hair in a dream with bold actions in reality. Both guys and girls will be able to find creative work, feel the rise of vitality, and commit a number of crazy things.

    Revealing why the strands of cornflower shades appear in a dream, the psychologist gives rather curious explanations:
  • combing blue hair – sorting out personal relationships;
  • admiring it in front of a mirror – means making wise decisions;
  • cutting blue hair – going on an urgent business trip;
  • to braid blue hair – means getting acquainted with the future spouse;
  • to do hair – coming to terms with long-standing enemies;
  • to dye your hair blue – means to make dreams come true.

What does it mean if your own hair was blue in a dream? Vanga considers such unusual hair color in a dream a reflection of inner offences and jealousy. Besides that you may face biased attitudes from your colleagues.

But it is a good sign if you saw your partner or a friend in indigo color wig. It turns out, this person is preparing a surprise for you that you will enjoy. A joyful party and a good company – this is exactly what will brighten up your mood soon.

If you saw an unknown person with blue hair on the street, this image indicates the dreamer’s worries.

Long and well-groomed hair of blue color expresses calmness, serenity. Modern dream books promise stability and financial independence. In addition, there will be a chance to correct the mistakes of the past and make peace with relatives.

Silky curly blue hair predicts adventures and trips. If you dreamed of blue hair that you liked, you can expect having generous admirers.

Dull blue hair seen in a dream symbolizes sudden obstacles, lack of mutual understanding with the relatives or between spouses.

A dream about uncombed and untidy blue hair is considered a warning that you can become a victim of fraud soon.

Tsvetkov considers that if you saw bright blue hair in a dream, this means you will be overprotected by an annoying person. Unmarried ladies will have an annoying admirer and young men who saw such dreams will have to make a choice between two women.

Sergii Haranenko
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