Combing Hair Dream Meaning

The accuracy of the explanation of this plot depends on the state in which the hair was and on who it belonged to. In most cases, such a dream is perceived as a warning from the commission of frivolous acts and monetary expenses in real life.

According to Miller’s dreambook, combing long hair in a dream predicts committing a fatal mistake in reality. It is most likely that excessive gullibility and short-sightedness will lead to commitment of a fatal error. It is possible that you will have to deal with consequences of these mistakes for a long time. You have to be very attentive to all the decisions that you make.

Vanga’s dreambook explains what dreams of combing tangled curls means. After seeing such a plot in a dream, think about the fact that you may be overly suspicious of people. This distrust adds you only certain life problems.

Dr. Freud considers that combing hair in a dream can be a sign of your regrets about some lost opportunities. If you suddenly broke the comb while brushing your hair, you should be ready for troubles in real life.

Falling hair mean financial losses; and the more hair you lose, the more noticeable the losses will be.

According to the dreambooks, combing the hair of the deceased person predicts profit. Especially if the hair was long, beautiful and healthy. If the dead person was brushing his hair, this plot can also bring unexpected news. The news can be negative as well and can bring some troubles.

Combing your daughter’s hair in a dream is a sign of romantic love adventures in her life. If the young girl already has a boyfriend, it is possible that he will propose soon. The longer your daughter’s hair in the dream is, the longer these relations will last.

Tsvetkov’s dreambook predicts big life changes if you saw a dream about combing hair. Another version of interpretation of this plot is the loss of things.

Put curls into some hairstyle or combing them and braiding gently in a dream means you will successfully overcome all the obstacles on your life path.

Combing hair in front of a mirror in a dream predicts strong shame and humiliation in real life. Another option, which dream like this may indicate is an urgent need for quality care for your hair.

If you were combing someone’s hair in a dream, this may be a sign that you are annoying somebody in real life. The dreambooks recommend tempering your ardor, otherwise you will be left alone.

If another person was combing your hair in a dream, this means he dislikes you a lot. He is able to seriously harm you in the workplace and in your personal life.

If a man saw a dream about combing hair, this is a sign that all his problems in real life will be solved on their own. Also, this dream promises repayment of all existing cash debts and the fulfillment of long-held cherished desires.

A dream about combing hair may be a sign of spoiled relations with her spouse if seen by a married woman. Quarrels and misunderstandings can even ruin your family.

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Taflisi dream interpretation reports that combing other people's hair in a dream means getting rid of problems. Moreover, exactly the person whose hair you combed will help you solve the problems.

If you were using not an ordinary hairbrush, but a nice comb symbolizes quick change from sorrows to joy. The more beautiful the comb is, the happier time you can expect.

If you were combing wet hair in your dream, the dreambooks predict health problems. To avoid a serious deterioration of well-being, you should visit a doctor and undergo a preventive examination.

If a man was combing woman’s hair in a dream, this is a symbol of his warm feelings for her. If there were some hair left on the hairbrush, you should be ready for losses.

A broken comb in a dream is a bad sign. This dream promises serious trouble and life turmoil.

Sergii Haranenko
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