Blue Water Dream Meaning

In almost all nations, water is associated with the birth of a new life, health and positive emotions. Therefore, when talking about the dream of blue water, everyone means its crystal clearness. However, dream books recommend not flattering yourself. When interpreting what water azure symbolizes in dreams, remember all the details you saw in the plot. It may happen that a dream warns you of danger.

Seeing that there is clear blue water in the reservoir, you can count on the favor of heaven, Miller’s dream book predicts, interpreting what pure water means in a dream. Getting pleasure, joy, fulfillment of innermost desires - all this awaits the dreamer. And if you dreamed that you were splashed, this means that a dizzying romance awaits you. It’s bad if in a dream you see yourself drinking muddy slurry – this means illness and difficulties.

    You can study what blue water means in dreams for a long time and in detail. And you can also get short explanations:
  • Crystal clear liquid is a sign of well-being.
  • To dream about how a mountain river carries its turquoise waters - promises a quick enrichment.
  • Drawing cold water from a blue reservoir - your self-control is admirable.
  • To see how sky-colored water evaporates from the lake means increasing your authority.
  • If the water foams, bursting out of the ground - you will come out the winner in the dispute.
  • The blue expanse of the lake blinds you with brilliance - do not believe the first impression of a new acquaintance.

The interpretation of a dream in which you swim in a pool of blue water will make you think: if you want to succeed, you need to try. Did you dream of a huge pool in which you swim from side to side? You will be able to find the use of your creative abilities.

But you should study more carefully what is the meaning of a dream in which you happened to swim in a small pool. The Eastern dream book suggests that your potential is too small for the peaks that you wipe at. And the Lunar Dream Book suggests that such a vision promises only obstacles that can be easily overcome, nothing more.

Pastor Loff's dream book will please you with explanation of why dream of swimming in the ocean. Seeing this in a dream is a sign of harmony and "boundless" happiness. Did the ocean please you with very clear and calm blue water? So, you will not be disturbed by any troubles and difficulties. But the dream about raging ocean prophesies unrest and anxiety, as well as the aggravation of "smoldering" conflicts.

Swimming in a dream in a sea with very clear water, through which you can see the sand at the bottom – is a symbol of "transparency" and sincerity in relationships with loved ones. But if you dreamed that the light surface of the sea turned dark, this is a sign that some friend is not completely honest with you.

In a dream, did you come into contact with very hot blue water? Avoid conflicts and showdown. You are now in a state where, in a fit of emotions, you can say too much, the Modern Dream Book suggests.

Did you dream of very cold blue water? This is a sign that you do not lose your temper even in the most heated argument. And if in a dream you plunged into warm and pleasant water, you are a very delicate person. This is one of those qualities for which friends appreciate you.

Sergii Haranenko
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