Interpretation Of A Dream About Hot Water

Much has already been said about dreaming about water: clean, dirty, in a pond, indoors. But what is the interpretation of dreams about hot water? Most dream interpretation is the same: warm water seen in a dream is a sign of impending good luck.

    Some dreambooks give short interpretations of dreams about hot or warm water:
  • Transparent boiling water – the sign of great mood;
  • Steam coming above dirty water – disease;
  • Swimming in hot muddy water – beware of gossip;
  • Drinking boiling water- troubles;
  • Diving into an ice-hole and understanding that the water is hot – unexpected “pleasantness”.

A famous interpreter of dreams Miller interprets that hot water can be dreamed when a new stage in life is waiting for the person. Swimming in it means to defeat enemies and problems.

For those who dream of boiling water in a pot, Pastor Loff's dream book recommends paying attention to the changes that are “longing” to enter your life. Especially if the water in the pan boiled so hard that the steam knocked down the lid.

But if you dreamed that you were burned with hot water poured into a pot, then you need to mentally prepare yourself for the possible difficulties that are coming along with innovations. Burning yourself and not feeling pain - you will not notice any inconvenience.

Seeing how hot water fills the Jacuzzi in the bathroom – means "conquering the peaks" of his Destiny, the Eastern Dream Book interprets. Bathing in a bathtub with hot water - to a rapid career growth. Bathing in a bathtub in the water which gradually becomes warmer - you will have to fight for a promotion.

The dreambooks give positive interpretations of plots about boiling water coming from the tap. It means you will achieve your goal. But if only steam was coming from the tap instead of water, you will need to look for support among your friends.

It is worse, if nothing is pouring from a tap in a dream, if it is open and there is no water. This may be an indication that you did not calculate your steps correctly, and it will be difficult to achieve what you want. If hot water is absent not only at your place, but there is no hot water in the whole house, your competitors will “block” all your ways.

Do you see a lot of hot water in the apartment almost a flood, "organized" by a pipe burst? A disease can “knock you down” with fever, Vanga's dream book warns. Did the flood happen because of the neighbors from above? Someone will spread gossip against you.

Had a dream that you had to walk on boiling water, a lot of which is on the floor due to a broken dishwasher or washing machine? Purchases made soon will be in vain.

Sergii Haranenko
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