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Did you dream of books? The meaning of a dream about a book is very favorable, it promises the establishment of harmony, but even here, depending on the circumstances, surprises are possible. The ancient Chinese dream book "The Book of Changes", written during the time of Emperor Huang Di, said that reading in a dream presupposes harmony of all feelings, leads to rethinking of one's behavior and changing it for the better. Self-improvement will have a beneficial effect on your fate.

What does it mean when you dream about books? The interpretation of a dream about a book, for the most part, connects this sign with the vicissitudes of life, striving for knowledge, wisdom, and fate.

According to Vanga's dream book, the books in which the dreamer tried to read texts in an incomprehensible language came into visions to warn of his hidden extraordinary abilities. However, if the pages were torn – this means his decisions were hasty and shortsighted, the plans are not destined to come true.

Holding a book about magic in your hands is a warning that selfishness can lead to the fall. You should also be wary of a love spell – you should hide all your photos and pin a silver pin from the inside of your pocket. A dream of reading Kabbalah or other magic books is a symbol of great work.

Any old books in a dream warn of the approach of evil. Of these, only the Bible is interpreted as an auspicious, blessing sign.

The Family dream book explains why a girl dreams of old books – predicts meeting new relatives - her father-in-law and mother-in-law. This means matchmaking awaits her. And a pregnant woman who sees the same dreams, according to the Indian dream book, will give birth of an intelligent boy.

In Miller's dream book, a book in which you are trying to look for hidden meaning sparing no effort, is interpreted as future honors and awards for many years of hard work. It also explains why a full bookcase is seen in a dream - you will be able to combine work (hobby) and study successfully; and an empty one means dissatisfaction with wages and difficult working conditions.

From the same dream book: if you saw children reading in a dream, this means harmony reigns in your family.

Tsvetaeva's dream book says that seeing books in a dream predicts an interesting acquaintance, but seeing many books in a dream means that participation in many good deeds lies ahead. If the books burned, this means the dreamer will lose a friend or several friends at once.

The French dream book explains why the books in the library appear in a dream – this means you are in search; and a visit to the repository indicates that it will be completed successfully. Seeing them - means profit and entertainment.

The Esoteric dream book interprets the library in a dream as an overload of memory with unnecessary knowledge.

According to the English dream book, seeing books in a dream is considered a good sign, this symbol expresses the harmony of life. If the brochure was closed and put aside, because you considered it uninteresting, one should prepare for unpleasant meetings and onerous duties.

Much in the interpretation of dreams depends on whether we read the tome, examine it, or receive it as a gift.

A very interesting sign is leafing through a book. According to the ancient Chinese dream book, slow looking at the pages is very favorable. It opens up possibilities that were not even suspected, increases creativity. It is also believed that this is a sign of forgetfulness, something you would prefer not to remember. At the same time, for applicants, a dream portends admission to the university.

For a married woman who saw books on the shelves in a dream, an Indian dream book prophesies the birth of a son who is to become famous; and for a young girl a happy marriage is promised, her husband will be very educated. Endless shelves lined with tomes indicate that your leisure time is aimed at education, the development of intelligence.

Reading a self-help guide in a dream means trying to cope with troubles on your own.

Looking unsuccessfully for a book in a dream means confusion, uncertainty when choosing the right path. According to the Esoteric dream book, finding the right book among the mass of unnecessary ones means that you can gain access to important secret information soon, become the creator of a new teaching, and make a discovery. Empty shelves portend poverty.

Did you dream about reading a book? You will be given new responsibilities that will change your whole life. If you read it yourself in a dream, the changes will be favorable, if not, it's also not bad, expect a pleasant meeting. You will receive sudden news. A difficult, very stressful day is ahead, you may feel slight discomfort. Spiritual growth and glory awaits you. The dream book interprets this sign as a coming resolution of a tense situation, the way out of which will depend on the actions performed by the dreamer in reality.

If the dreamer wrote a book and it was published, you have to expect trouble from the employer.

Buying a book in a dream is a sign of a bright, joyful, happy life, success in science and important discoveries. In a dream, buying a book in a bookstore means the coming of creative inspiration.

It is important for interpretation what editions the dream is associated with. Why do these or those publications dream? Albums with reproductions of famous artists seen in a dream mean a dangerous situation, a trap. Children's books seen in a dream predict receiving a letter.

What is the meaning of a dream of a flower dried up between the pages of a book? This is a symbol of romantic date, a long-awaited declaration of love. Pornographic pictures on the pages of a book is a bad dream, the dream book warns that you have evil thoughts that will be exposed.

Why do you dream of receiving a book in a parcel? You should analyze your recent actions, they are not prudent enough, you need to control your impulses.

To receive a book as a gift in a dream means that your heart is open to love, it, long-awaited, is somewhere nearby. Also, if you were given a book in a dream, the income from the hobby will bring great profit soon, it will become the main source of the family's well-being. Receiving such a gift speaks of wisdom and insight, maybe a special gift.

To give a book to someone in a dream – is a sign of gratitude from those to whom you came to the rescue and helped out of trouble.

Taking something out of a book in a dream means applying your knowledge to good use. If you dreamed about one big book, this means taking high position. Printing books in a dream may predict receiving inheritance. If you happened to be in an archive in a dream, this means wasting your time.

To see how books or brochures are bound in a dream is a sign of lie. The Big dreambook thinks that seeing a bookbinder at work in a dream means that your relationship with your wife will receive new shades.

Sergii Haranenko
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