Bible Dream Meaning

According to Gustav Miller, to see the Bible in a dream is a sign that you are will have joy and harmony, both in the soul and in communication with people around you. You will not be disturbed by failures and doubts, everything will go as planned.

The plot in which you reject the biblical canons and commandments, if you refuse to believe in the existence of God, this means an unstable situation, a weakness in the face of temptations. You are easily led astray and entered into a vicious circle.

A dream about reading biblical stories to children means that you seek to establish clean, “non-commercial” relationships with everyone, the dreambook of Preacher Loff suggests.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, a dream where you read the Bible is a signal that the dreamer is tired of lies and false that surround him. And in Medea's dreambook you will find the following interpretation of a dream: rereading or retelling the Bible treatises by heart is a sign of the harmony of the soul and consciousness.

If you dreamed of the Bible, dreambooks recommend to remember exactly how it looked and where you saw it.

For example, the old, sometimes battered Book of Scripture denotes the dreamer's confidence in the correctness of his actions. It is very good if you received an old Bible in excellent condition as a gift in a dream - this is a hint that you are on the right path, you can act without doubting anything.

If you bought a modern Bible in a dream, this is also a good sign promising innovative ideas and success in any endeavors. A torn Bible seen in a dream brings troubles and bad luck.

It is considered a bad sign to see a Bible that somehow scared the dreamer. If you opened the Bible that you found in your purse and demons flew out of its pages, this plot indicates that you have committed a grave sin, and you will not rest until you atone for your transgression. If you can't remember anything wrong that you did, go to church and pray. And if you know what it is about, then repent and ask for forgiveness.

If you see dead people prophesying misfortunes, flipping through the pages of Holy Scripture, and a little later you realize that their prophecies come true, you should be careful in reality. Such a vision promises sickness and accidents.

    If you received the Bible as a gift, you should remember who gave it to you:
  • friend - you can rely on this person, he will not betray;
  • parents - success and great luck are waiting for you;
  • enemy or rival - temper your pride;
  • stranger - you will have a spiritual guide or patron.
Sergii Haranenko
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