Library Dream Meaning

A library in a dream is an image of accumulated knowledge, a repository of life experience. Seeing the building of a library in a dream is explained by the dream book as the opportunity to expand your horizons or learn something radically new.

According to the Esoteric Dream Book, a huge library seen in a dream, in which many books are in disarray, indicates an overload of your memory with unnecessary, useless knowledge or memories.

The dream about an old book depository speaks about the need to get your feelings out, share your own spiritual revelations with a close and reliable person. Some interpreters associate such a dream with the approach of unforeseen, ominous circumstances.

Seeing a burning library in a dream predicts a feeling of spiritual loneliness, a long separation from a friend or the loss of a companion. If you happened to watch this image silently, this plot predicts receiving a letter with unpleasant content.

According to the dreambook, seeing a library in which there are many books on the shelves is explained by the lack of the necessary knowledge to complete the work successfully. During this period, one should not neglect the advice of specialists and people competent in this matter.

Studying in the library promises the emergence of new life ideas by the 12th century dream book, and also informs of the need for advice from a reliable and educated person.

If you dreamed that you happened to read an interesting work in the library, this image speaks about the possibility of finding a reliable and wise friend in reality.

Working as a librarian in a dream speaks about the risk of suffering from migraines, which will be caused by the inner worries and doubts of a sleeping person. This image can be a harbinger of brain disease, the esotericists think.

Handing the books over to a librarian in a dream portends an interesting acquaintance with an erudite and intelligent person. If you dreamed that a librarian advised you reading some book, it speaks in Miller's dream book about the need to make a difficult and important choice in real life.

In the Collection of Dream Books there is an explanation of why you dream of equipping your own library in your home. So, the dream image speaks about the upcoming chores that will take a lot of time and effort, but will bring moral satisfaction and spiritual peace.

For a young girl, the interpretation of a dream, in which the dreamer had a chance to communicate with a visitor in the library, predicts an acquaintance with an interesting but ambiguous person of the opposite sex. Perhaps it is worth postponing a more intimate relationship with this person and taking a closer look at the man.

The dream of being in the library predicts by Miller's dream book an unexpected discovery that will radically change the dreamer's life.

Seeing in a dream how a book depository is being built means the prospect of starting your own business from scratch. Probably, this will require not only your experience and knowledge, but also tips from competent and trusted people.

Buying a library in a dream suggests that you can only sort out the current case after consulting a lawyer or another person who understands the law.

Sergii Haranenko
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