Border Dream Meaning

The border in a dream reflects any restrictions that the dreamer most often creates for himself. The dream book announces changes and actions unusual for your character, explaining why such a frontier appears in your dream.

Mr. Miller compares the dream borderline with the obstacles that stand in the way of the implementation of the person’s plans. Crossing the border in a dream means that attempts to overcome the difficulties that have arisen will be crowned with success.

    The interpretation of the dream about the border depends on the actions of the dreamer, the type and purpose of the boundary itself. So:
  • going outside the city line - speaks of the need to get out of the comfort zone;
  • establishing a boundary - you will put things in order in your affairs;
  • to rest outside the cordons of your country - new impressions, interesting events;
  • sending a postcard to another country - portends tears and longing;
  • to put someone in their place, indicating the edge of what is permitted - the emergence of like-minded people.

Did you dream of a state border fenced with barbed wire or a checkpoint? A dream means serious life obstacles that can lead to failure. Seeing that you cross the established frontier without any problems speaks of a bold act that can change your attitude to some business or circumstances radically.

Being subject to customs inspection at the frontier speaks of the dreamer's fear of the inevitable and the inability to influence the future. To violate the established boundary in a dream speaks about temporary restrictions which cause conflicting, rebellious feelings.

The Wanderer's dream book, explaining why one dreams of crossing the border, foreshadows the end of some event, connections or sphere of influence. The severity that the dreamer has experienced for a long time will go away along with unnecessary things, objects, relationships.

If you dreamed that you received a ban on traveling abroad, foreshadows relief, the end of troubles, suffering.

For people who had a chance to cross the border by train in a dream, the dream interpreter predicts traveling to old places or old friends. Standing at some borderline announces the departure from the country.

Did you manage to go abroad without documents in a dream? The vision speaks about excitement, luck, adventure and the opportunity to have fun.

A Modern combined dream book, explaining why one dreams of crossing the border illegally, predicts mental anguish and remorse for committing a not entirely honest act.

Esotericists, however, associate the dream image with a personality-destroying feeling of guilt, which can be imposed on the dreamer by close people.

For young ladies, the Eastern Women's Dream Book interprets why they dream of resting abroad and admiring the local delights as warning about excessive gullibility and frivolity. You tend to trust first impressions, which may not always be correct.

Seeing a similar plot for men speaks of large losses and hardships due to the lack of the habit of double-checking the facts.

For people who happened to see the border between the worlds, the Complete Dream Book of the New Era predicts the presence of a sharpened intuition, which will allow them to manage their obligations, finances and free time properly.

Sergii Haranenko
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