City Dream Meaning

A polis is an image of a sleeping person, his interaction with the outside world and people. Therefore, the interpretation of a dream about a city is related to the inner world of the dreamer, his feelings, thoughts, actions. The external state of the town reflects the moral and spiritual image of the person himself.

According to Miller’s dream book, to see a city in a dream means to face unexpected obstacles and problems. The unfamiliar city indicates that in real life significant changes are coming in the fate of the dreamer, associated with sad events. The small town foreshadows a collision with petty-bourgeoisism, a large one - an opportunity to collect a lot of interesting information that will help to achieve success in the future.

Freud’s dream interpretation associates megapolis in a dream with a woman. Walking around the city in a dream is a symbol of sexual intercourse. Dirty, gloomy, abandoned city is a harbinger of genital diseases. A beautifully decorated and lighted town personifies complete harmony in relationships with a sexual partner.

Esoteric dream book interprets the image of unknown city as a dramatic change on the love front. The dreamer will be able to break off long-bored relationships in a peaceful way and start a new love romance soon.

To see unfamiliar city in a dream is interpreted as rapid changes in life associated with a change in lifestyle, place of work, moving to a new apartment, country or city. Getting lost in an unknown city foreshadows trouble at work associated with the new instructions of the management.

A woman, lost in an unknown city in a dream, will encounter a person who, having entered into the confidence of the dreamer, will take advantage of it for selfish purposes. If a woman dreamed of a beautiful city, then, the dreamer will have happiness and luck.

If a woman sees a dream about new city, this can be a sign of fresh love relations that can become legalized.

Getting lost in your own thoughts and desires is what the old city dreams mean. The dilapidated streets and houses in a dream speak of the need for the dreamer to engage in his own development and expansion of his outlook, since the concepts and knowledge of person are fairly outdated.

An empty city in a dream personifies the search for the meaning of life. For a married woman, such a picture indicates a thirst for change and events in life, which is impossible without the actions of the lady herself.

What dreams of childhood city mean? Dreambooks interpret the vision as a nostalgic mood of the dreamer, homesickness, in olden times, about a carefree childhood and youthful maximalism. In some cases, such a picture personifies the ability of a person to fulfill his childhood dream.

If you dreamed of a hometown, this means that the dreamer is longing for parents, relatives and friends. Also, this image is interpreted by the dream book as finding peace and tranquility in the soul.

The ruined city in a dream personifies the collapse of illusions, the overestimation of values. Also, the dream book foreshadows an unfavorable period in a person's life - loss, blows of fate or deprivation.

To find out what the flooding of the city means, you should recall the details, the color and the condition of the liquid. Water in a dream characterizes the emotional state of a person, his ability to cope with his own feelings. Dirty, muddy water, indicates an unfavorable outcome of events; clean water, gives hope for a positive completion of the difficulties.

The flooded city foreshadows major disasters and troubles that will influence the dreamer in real life. It also predicts global cataclysms that can cover a whole country.

Fog in the city in a dream shows indecision and fluctuations of a person, the inability to solve pressing problems without the help of others. If the fog dissipates in a dream, it means that soon, a person will gain clarity of mind and peace in the soul.

Miss Hasse associates a dream about big city with the ability to get new knowledge, information that will be useful in the future. According to Tsvetkov’s dreambook, to see a large metropolis from a distance speaks of the dreamer's great pretensions.

The opportunity to go on a secret (or forbidden) date, that’s what the night city dreams mean. Beautiful, involving city lights personify the person’s dreams. The brighter the lights, the closer the dreamer to the realization of the plans and goals conceived.

A burning city in a dream has negative interpretation. Dreaming promises illness, hardship and loss.

To fly over the city in a dream is deciphered by a dream book like a thirst of a dreamer to gain recognition and glory, as well as the implementation of ambitious plans and ideas.

If a man dreamed of the mayor of a city, it means that in reality a young man needs to take into account the interests and needs of his household. This image for girls warns about excessive compulsion in communicating with young people, which in most cases is the cause of quarrels with a chosen one.

If you saw a city name, this dream shows the relationship of the dreamer with this town, perhaps, there will be a meeting with the person who comes from this city.

Walking around a city full of narrow, tight streets is interpreted by a dream book, like a clash of a dreamer with wickedness, envy, and slander. Wide streets symbolize the dreamer's great potential, and also reveal the unique abilities of a person.

To show the city to a foreigner means that in reality there will be a person who will deeply touch the feelings of the sleeper, provoking him to be frank.

Building a megapolis in a dream foreshadows happiness and fun. For businessmen, this vision characterizes a favorable period for the expansion of their enterprise and the reality of new ideas and plans.

What is the dream meaning of a dead city? According to the interpretation of dreams from the Psychoanalytic dream book, it represents the situation of existential or clinical depression, the symbolism of the completion of one of the stages of individuation. It is believed that even in a hopeless situation of such a city, one can find positive signs (light, sound, color of the sky), indicating a possible way out of the situation and perspective.

Sergii Haranenko
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