Postcard Dream Meaning

Often a postcard seen in a dream is personified by dream books with an informative message. What a postcard represents in a dream depends on the dreamer's actions and the external characteristics of the image.

Loff's dream book connects the postcard and the message written in it with the fact that the dreamer missed one of his friends or relatives. It's time to pay a visit to those people you haven't seen for a long time.

A dream about a postcard, according to the Gypsy interpreter, predicts a visit to an entertainment event, at which you will feel uncomfortable. Dream Interpretation of the Wanderer identifies a similar object with a beautiful, frivolous and empty girl. For men, such a vision predicts a meeting with a beautiful, but mercantile person.

Seeing a greeting card in a dream is explained by Miller's dream book as receiving varied and contradictory information in reality. You need to be very careful about such news, so as not to spread false rumors later.

Another explanation of why such an object appears in a dream is found in the Modern Interpreter. So, getting a beautiful card portends a real-time reprimand from the management for unfair work. For a married woman, such a vision promises a domestic quarrel with her spouse.

A dream about an invitation card predicts a good opportunity to take care of your health. A photo postcard with the cities depicted speaks of the inconstancy of a sleeping person in a love relationship.

Postcard with declarations of love in a dream expresses the sender's sincere interest in the addressee. To read someone else's love message – indicates the dreamer's curiosity and tendency to spread rumors can soon greatly harm someone.

According to Miller's dream book, buying a bright congratulatory postcard in a dream reflects high probability of winning the lottery. The main thing is not to forget to buy a ticket.

If you dreamed that you happened to sign a greeting card, this means that the excessive frankness of the dreamer often becomes fertile ground for the gossip of others in real time. Try to talk less about your personal life and get everyone's attention.

The dream of sending a message in pictures, according to the Modern interpreter, personifies the fulfillment of an unpleasant duty in reality. Miller's dream book interprets such a dream with a warning that the dreamer's plans are not destined to come true.

Putting an envelope in a mailbox in a dream expresses the danger for the dreamer to succumb to temptation and carnal pleasures.

Reading a postcard addressed to you – means your loved ones miss you a lot. To read someone else's message – is a sign that you need to keep your mouth shut, and your nose away from other people's affairs, otherwise you risk getting yourself malicious enemies.

All the dreams about delivering postcards are associated with obtaining information of interest that will help a person achieve long-established goals. Shifting photo cards into a book in a dream means your gullibility and carelessness can cause plans to collapse in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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