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Broken Tree Dream Meaning

Broken trees in a dream reflect problems in your personal life. When interpreting such dream, modern dreambooks agree that quarrels and discord will soon begin if damaged branches or bark were seen in a dream. To find out what dreams of breaking, chopping wood mean you need to recall the feelings, emotions that you experienced in your night visions.

The tree trunks injured by people in a dream symbolize impaired health. Dreaming means that you do not have enough of your own strength, it's time to turn to specialists. If you dreamed of branches damaged by the force of nature, get ready for parting.

It is a bad sign for a woman of a girl to see a broken fruit tree. Especially if it was a dream that it was an apple tree, plum, peach or pear. Dream means temporary loneliness, resentment towards the opposite sex.

Freud's dream book quite categorically describes what dreams of damaged trunks and branches mean. It turns out that to see fruit branches that have fallen to the ground along with the fruits is a symbol of disappointment, unfulfilled hopes, incompatibility in sexual life with a person who you care about.

A huge oak tree, elm suffered from a strong wind or hurricane in a dream, warn that the dreamer will make a number of unforgivable mistakes. Try not to start a new business if you dreamed that a broken tree collapsed next to you. Such visions are considered harbingers of financial and other losses in traditional dream books.

A twisted decorative plant seen in a dream leads to misunderstanding between relatives.

To see a huge conifer tree turned up by the roots in a dream - to diseases that come up very unexpectedly and entail negative consequences.

Sergii Haranenko

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