Red Color Dream Meaning

Red is restless and disturbing. Traditionally in Western culture, red color symbolizes passion, love and sensuality. And red is associated with danger, anger and power. Its shades indicate greatness and glory. In the East, it is considered a symbol of good luck. Approximately the same meaning is given to red colors by the interpreters of dreams, in general, considering the dream, "colored" in red, auspicious. Nevertheless, each dream book interprets the situations in which this color appears in its own way, speaking about health, and about resilience, and about unexpected love.

Gustav Miller associated red with anxiety. Moreover, in its most diverse manifestations. According to the dream book, if there is a lot of red in a dream, this suggests that a complex problem that has long haunted you will be solved soon. In general, dreams in which red appears can be divided into several groups. Dreams about the appearance of a person, clothes, nature, food and flowers.

Here are just a few examples. For example, painting your nails with red nail polish in a dream is a warning of a possible conflict, and dyeing your hair red indicates your wish for everyone's attention. Seeing a friend in scarlet outfit - predicts failures and losses, and if you were wearing red in a dream, this means victory over ill-wishers. If you dreamed about red flowers, get ready for a pleasant acquisition and new acquaintances, romantic relationships. Miller often describes situations with red-hot metal in a dream: a poker, he said, is a dream speaking of victory over difficulties, seeing red iron - is a sign of failures, and a burning red stove promises love and respect in a dream.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed: if a person sees himself in red clothes, this means a cruel monster striving for domination is sleeping in him. The red background of the dream, according to Freud, speaks of unreasonable jealousy, and the red leaves or flowers - mean falling in love, in which the sleeping person is afraid to admit to himself or the thirst for intimacy with an older person. It is worth taking seriously a dream in which red sky appears. It predicts a strong quarrel.

To dream that you are dyeing your hair red means you will soon find yourself in the center of attention in reality, Miller’s dreambook predicts.

To paint your lips with scarlet lipstick means you are too shy in real life, it bothers you, and you subconsciously try to attract the attention of others, although you are very afraid of this.

Painting your nails with red nail polish symbolizes the desire to participate in all public events. Be less active, there is a possibility of conflict, the Moon dreambook warns.

If you were dyeing your friend’s hair red this means that your indefatigable activities can harm others.

Wearing red clothes in a dream has several interpretations. If you are sick in reality, this is a sign of recovery. If you are healthy, you can expect good mood and joyful weekend.

If you preferred red color in your clothes in a dream, this means you will be able to get rid of your enemies in reality, Vanga thinks.

A dream in which you repaint your clothes in red means you will get an invitation to a solemn event.

If red clothes were annoying you in a dream, this plot is a symbol of inner aggression and irritation. You need to do something physically active to throw away negative energy.

To see red leaves or red flowers around you - the interpretation of this dream according to Freud's dreambook is the following: you are secretly in love with someone or have passion. If it is possible try to open your feelings to this person otherwise it will be very difficult for you emotionally to hold them.

Red fruits or berries are a symbol of sexuality. It you are eating red fruits in a dream, this means that you enjoy the relationship with your beloved in reality; the fruits of blue or black color, on the contrary, symbolize dissatisfaction.

If you happened to see a dream about red sky, you should be ready for conflict at home or at work.

According to Miller, painting lips with pink lipstick is a symbol of fleeting passion and love.

Dyeing hair or eyelashes in orange color promises fun and carefree pastime in the company of friends.

The burgundy color is a symbol of strong and long-standing relationships, both love and friendly. People who are near you will never let you down or betray you. Besides that maroon color may symbolize struggle for leadership in the team. Such colors predict bright impressions and health improvement.

Seeing red light of the traffic light in a dream is a symbol that your plans are under threat. Something or somebody will stand on your way.

Burgundy clothes seen in a dream promise the growth of self-esteem. Provocative burgundy color in a dream predicts taking part in a risky endeavor.

Maroon roses (or burgundy flowers) predict difficulties in relations with your beloved. Dream about burgundy lipstick is a symbol of passionate romance.

A traffic light with all the lights flashing means: at the moment of your life you are standing at a crossroads and you do not know which action will be right.

A railway semaphore with a red light on in a dream means you should be careful on the way, if the blue light is lit - to success in any beginnings.

If you happened to see a dream of red bitter pepper this is a symbol of a wedding with a serious and sensible person coming soon, the Autumn dreambook promises.

Ruby-colored wine is a symbol of puberty. Drinking it can be a promise of sexual contact.

Eating red caviar in a dream, picking up a full spoon, is a sign that you will experience some failure and grief.

If you see a lot of red in a dream - this is an auspicious sign: your health will be excellent for many years, in a difficult situation you will not drop your honor - while others will be ready to fall on their knees; the answer to your passionate feelings will be pure sincere love; in old age, a ray of youth will shine into your soul.

What does the American dreambook say about red color symbolism in dreams? Red color is very intense. It symbolizes passion, physical strength, anger, sexuality, sensitivity, aggression and danger. Red is the color of blood and has been greatly favored in some cultures.

The Chinese painted their banners red, as well as talismans. The mother goddess in India is depicted in red, red is the color of creation, since childbirth is accompanied by heavy bleeding. Even in the prehistoric period, people associated red with life. They put a blood stain on the object that they wanted to revive.

Sergii Haranenko
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