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Car Accident Dream Meaning

Car accident. Dreambook.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreams about car accident? According to Modern dreambook seeing yourself in a car accident is a warning about some difficult situation or becoming a victim of fraud or deceit. You should be very attentive while handling business or financial issues. Try to trust people less, especially your relatives or acquaintances, some of them may deceit you. Such situation in your dream may also mean contradictions with your enemies or people who envy you.

The dream about accident promises encounter and a long explanation with a short-sighted, but ambitious person - this is if you observe the events in a dream as if from the side. Another thing is to be a participant in the car accident. In this case, everything suggests that you may be in danger from the opposing forces.

If any land vehicle hit you and ran you over at the same time, you will surely avoid any complications and troubles. If you yourself have run someone over as a result of a car accident - in reality do not expect satisfaction from a vacation that you decide to take.

According to the American dreambook, a car accident that appeared in your dream is an eloquent indicator recommending that you slow down. You should evaluate your current situation. What do you want from life? Move forward slowly and prudently. A car accident can symbolize your physical body, an accident on the water can relate to your emotional body, and a plane crash can indicate your spiritual body.

Esoteric dreambook considers that an accident on the road predicts arrangement of your affairs. Seeing a accident with vehicles - means someone will help you settle your affairs. Getting into a car accident yourself - your steps will benefit your endeavor.

Dr. Freud considered that dreaming of a car accident or some equipment break showed a dreamer’s fear of having problems with his/her genitals. This fear can be caused by emotional of physical exhaustion or stress.

If there are several breaks/accidents in one’s dream we can speak about obsessive fear of death.

If you dreamt about traumas caused by car accident, you will experience some kind of humiliation, cheating or deceit.

Seeing an accident but not being a part of it means meeting a silly person with whom you will have to communicate personally or on business issues.

Freud also thought that a car accident in your dream means yearning for sexual intercourse. The same dream interpretation is fair if you are being hit by a vehicle in your dream.

Dreaming about car crash.

Your friends’ or you relatives’ presence in such a dream says about a serious coming conflict.

The Universal dreambook considers that a dream about car accident predicts illness. If you dreamed that you were in a car accident, get ready for any unforeseen circumstances. Pay special attention to your health, Psychological dream book says. If in a dream you became only a witness to a car accident, this means that some unforeseen circumstances will occur, but will not cause you much harm. Seeing only the consequences of a car accident, try not to rely on others in reality. Then everything you have planned will be completed on time.

The car accident can be seen in a dream as a harbinger of a stormy, all-consuming passion for an unusual, extraordinary person. Perhaps you will experience unforgettable moments of happiness and bliss that will remain in your memory forever.

Modern dreambook thinks that seeing cars broken in a car accident means you will need maximum control of the situation in your real life. The dreambook suggests that you will be able to achieve what you plan only if you don’t rely on others and do the job on your own.

If you barely managed to avoid a car accident in your dream, in real life you can remain a winner in the most difficult and complicated situation and your problems (personal, financial, etc.) will be solved in your favor.

Another interpretation of car accident in one’s dream is romantic passionate relations with an unordinary person.

If someone you know dies in car accident this may mean your inner aggressive or envious feelings towards him/her. Sometimes this dream plot is an appeal to be careful and attentive, you may be facing hard times and will need to concentrate.

Italian dreambook sees car accident as person’s suicidal inclinations. Maybe someone from your surrounding has negative influence on you or your mood. This person could be a part of the accident as a driver or passenger.

According to some other dreambooks, car accident in a dream also embodies suicidal tendencies, possibly hidden, which may occur at any opportunity. A car accident in a dream can also indicate an impact of a negative nature, which is transmitted by another person unconsciously. In a dream, that person can be represented in the form of a car driver or a person sitting next to him, or in the form of people from another car involved in the car accident.

General dreambook bewares of fall of your hopes if you see car accident in your dream. For a woman this dream can mean changes in relations with her husband and the beginning of scandals.

Dreambook: car crashes.

To get into a car accident in a dream predicts a quarrel, a scandal with a person close to you with subsequent possible reconciliation. A serious conflict with the boss is not excluded, the Newest dreambook states

Miller’s dreambook thinks that car accident is a negative sign. If you got in car accident in your dream you should be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The dream can also show having inner contradictions.

Seeing car accident with victims is a bad sign that is being interpreted as significant financial or material loss in real life.

An accident with victims that happened on your fault signifies your worries about some issue and you are not sure you can handle it on your own. The risk of failure is quite high, try to attract other people to help you.

Such dream can mean disappointment in love for girls. You can face negative consequences of meeting an unpleasant person.

According to Tutorial on dreams interpretation, car accident symbolizes self-punishment. If your friends or acquaintances die in an accident - this shows your underlying aggressive feelings towards them. Sometimes it is a prediction of danger, a call for attentiveness and caution. You will have a difficult period of life.

Sergii Haranenko

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