Playing Cards Dream Meaning

What does playing cards in dreams mean? Such a dream usually predicts big loss and deceit. If you dreamed of a card game with big bets, this plot promises disappointment or indicates the need to change your lifestyle.

Seeing playing cards in a dream portends greedy, but stupid acts at a loss. A deck of cards scattered on the table in disorder suggests that you will soon find yourself in a colorful society with people of a wide variety of occupations and interests.

A dream in which you play cards just for fun is a sign of the fulfillment of your plans and aspirations, which will present a very convenient opportunity.

It is another matter if the game is on money and with big bids - such a dream portends a serious illness and significant difficulties in life.

Winning in cards in a dream means that you will be happy to be invited to the house where you have long dreamed of getting into. Losing means disappointment in love and friends, as well as failure in business and the machinations of enemies.

If the winner is the one you support and worry about, watching the game from the side, this means you will be able to avoid the great responsibility that they will try to put on you; if your friend loses, then in reality you will have a quarrel with him through mutual fault, but not for long.

If your friend is clearly cheating when playing cards in a dream, it means that in real life you will have the opportunity to doubt his honesty and decency. If you were convicted of cheating - this portends a waste of time and money in reality.

Shuffling cards in a dream – predicts troubles; counting the cards in the deck – means you will find success. Marked cards mean anxiety and disfigurement. A sealed deck - complete uncertainty is ahead, to open it – you will suffer a loss due to fraud or forgery.

Showing card tricks in a dream – you will please your family, delighting them with something unusual.

To build house of cards – means you will receive good news that will turn out to be premature and false rumors in reality. Playing cards in a gambling house or in a respectable club - to prosperity, accompanied with constant risk. To play with a card cheater means being deceived in real life. Losing all the cash to the sharpie – means you will experience unfair oppression. A dream in which you have all the cards of one spades suit when playing on your hands means that if you get too carried away with entertainment at the expense of business, you will waste your strength and ability in vain.

If spades are trumps at the same time, then you are unusually lucky in the most risky business. In the dream, the diamonds suit portends the receipt of money, the hearts suit - you will survive a love adventure, clubs - a profitable enterprise will bring unexpectedly large incomes. Ace in your hands – you will be lucky in any game in reality.

If you played cards for entertainment in a dream - wait for the fulfillment of your hopes. Minor diseases will disappear. But the dream of gambling for money portends very serious difficulties, Psychological dreambook states.

If you dreamed that you lost in cards, then you will encounter enemies. If you won – you will be able to justify yourself before the law, but with great difficulty.

If a young woman sees in a dream that her beloved one is playing cards, she should doubt his good intentions.

The interpreter of Medea attaches particular importance to the card suit. According to her, cards symbolize life aspects. A suit is different aspects of life. Hearts are responsible for friendship and love; diamonds - for the sphere of business relationships, clubs mean financial situation, and spades warn of all kinds of obstacles.

Successfully playing cards means you will make new wonderful friends. These people will be able to help in difficult situations. Thanks to their support, you will be able to avoid serious problems. In a dream, losing in a card game is a sign of disappointment in friends and partners. Also, even with a gigantic amount of effort, you will not be able to resolve your problems.

Taking part in a card tournament organized in a public place and see diamonds on the rest of the participants predicts wealth and universal recognition. To reach them you do not even have to try hard. Good luck will take it upon itself.

Fortune-telling on the cards in a dream, according to the Esoteric dream book, means that in real life you are in the grip of doubt. Take your time to make decisions. Wait. Now is not the best time for haste.

The 20th century dreambook says that the meaning of cards in a dream is vain expectations and false illusions. Do not rely on the successful completion of the expected events too much. It is possible that their impact on your life will turn out to be excessively illusory. If in a dream a fortuneteller wonders on the cards, then all the events predicted by her should be interpreted the other way around. Playing with a stranger is a symbol of making a fatal life mistake.

What Tarot cards mean in a dream is explained in the dreambook of David Loff. Fortune telling on the Tarot cards indicates that you feel that very little depends on you in making an important decision. The opinion of a certain authoritative person will be decisive in resolving a serious issue.

Fortune telling on Tarot cards in a dream is a clear sign that you are unhappy with the current state of things and want to change something in your destiny. If in a dream the alignment was good, then in reality you feel confident in the future and are not afraid of any hardships and obstacles.

If you dream of an unfavorable distribution of Tarot cards, this means a series of setbacks and trials will come upon you in the coming months. Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn predicts disappointments and numerous difficulties at work, in family life, in everyday life.

Laying out solitaire is a sign predicting minor adversities. You can also see such a dream if your relations with the second half have cracked. Do you want to glue a “broken cup"? Make every effort to understand the cause of the disagreement and resolve it promptly.

To see that fortune-telling on Tarot cards is carried out by an experienced magician – means you will get help and support from the outside. Seeing this is a good sign. The Modern dream book is sure that you will not be left alone in a difficult situation and will be able to overcome all difficulties together with your “patron”.

If you play solitaire in a dream and you get bad cards all the time, this promises a happy outcome of your business. Playing solitaire in a dream - may also symbolize impossible plans.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams of playing cards?
  • Playing cards with a dead person and losing is a sign of a big health problem.
  • A card game with cash bets - financial difficulties.
  • For a sick person seeing how he loses a card game to his friends - indicates the wrong decisions.
  • A move with a trump card of Diamonds - symbolizes a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Trump card of Clubs - promises a reprimand from the boss.
    Here are the Top-5 positive playing cards dream meanings:
  • Being relaxed and confident when playing cards - predicts fulfillment of your goals.
  • Seeing how the deck crumbled during the game means fun pastime in an interesting company.
  • Playing cards in a casino - the prosperity of business.
  • Shuffling playing cards before dealing promises a good investment of personal funds.
  • Playing poker with a dead person - going on vacation with your family.
Sergii Haranenko
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