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Diamonds Dream Meaning

Being the owner of diamonds in your dream is a very favorable sign that means you will have respect and honor from powerful people. If the man in love gives a young girl diamonds as a gift in a dream it means she will have a wonderful marriage and her family will be proud of her.

If you lost diamonds in your dream it is a very unpleasant sign that predicts dishonor or need. For a loving woman dreams about diamonds promise welfare and beautiful presents. For businessmen diamonds are the sign of luck and successful bargains. If you see a dream about diamonds stolen from a dead body it is considered to be a sign of cunningness and dishonor.

If someone stole a diamond from you, this is a sign that your ill-wishers are trying to hurt you.

Seeing a diamond ring in a dream predicts achievement of all the goasls that you set. The Modern dreambook also predicts successful acquaintances. Seeing an engagement ring with a diamond is a very good sign: you should have no doubts that your family life will be very happy.

If a woman receives a diamond ring from a man she knows, this is a sign that they will have a long-lasting loveaffair. If she doesn't know the man, she will meet him in real life soon.

Putting on a diamond ring on your own finger is a symbol of positive life changes.

If the diamond fell out of the ring, this image is interpreted as breaking up with your partner by the Wanderer's dreambook.If you managed to find the rock and put it back into the ring, this dream means you will be able to restore the broken relations.

Finding diamond earrings in a dream predicts getting an influential admirer. This is also a symbol of sudden wealth: you can win in lottery or invest successfully. Diamond earrings can also predict a coming wedding for an unmarried girl and childbirth for a married woman.

Seeing a black diamond in a dream is a very favorable sign. The black diamond is a symbol of wealthy and joyful party. You can also receive expensive presents soon.

Wrist watch with a number of diamonds is a promise of financial welfare.

Stealing a diamond in a dream is a symbol of getting victory from your competitor in an unfair way.

Sergii Haranenko

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