Fortune Telling Dream Meaning

Dreaming of someone telling you your future

Dreaming about cartomancy sometimes predicts financial situation improvements and fast plans fulfillment. This plot also promises overcoming obstacles, professional growth and improvement of one's social status.

According to Miller seeing dreams about telling fortune means you have doubts and thoughts about an issue that you preferred not to notices but it keeps reminding you of itself. If someone was telling fortunes to a girl about her future husband this dream can mean she will have to choose between two men. If you were practicing fortune telling by the book of changes and remember which hexagram you saw in your dream the dreambooks advise you to check this hexagram and its meaning when you wake up.

If a young unmarried woman sees a dream about fortune telling by her hand it is a symbol that she has a lot friends but at the moment there is no man in her life who considers serious relations. The same dream means many admirers for a married woman. If you were telling somebody his fortune it means someone will ask for your advice.

If you dreamt about fortune telling by clothes this dream means you are not always being sincere with your friends and family. The same dream seen by an ill person predicts an operation or other kind of treatment that will finally bring relief.

    Who was telling you your future in a dream?
  • husband - receiving good news from the spouse’s parents;
  • girlfriend - useful acquaintances;
  • you do it yourself - new hobbies;
  • gypsy - a long-awaited meeting with a distant relative;
  • deceased grandmother - a long journey;
  • deceased mother - family disagreements;
  • deceased person - to death and/or serious illness.
    Fortune telling is much related to dreams interpretation. In our desire to understand our unconsciousness and future we sometimes visit fortune-tellers, no wonder people see dreams about divination. Here is a list of short explanations of the dream based on its details:
  • fortune telling - is a symbol of an important issue that was postponed
  • divination on coffee - is a sign of time wasted in vain
  • to tell fortune on Taro cards - means you are not satisfied with your life
  • you were trying to tell fortunes about your future partner yourself - you can expect miserable love
  • telling fortunes on runes - you will find a powerful protector
  • to tell fortune on rocks - you will have a brilliant idea how to deal with a problem
  • fortune telling on paper - you have plenty of talents
  • to see a gypsy telling fortune of your palm - you have many doubts

Top-5 negative dreams about telling one's future

  • Watching someone tell fortunes using torn or old cards means an exacerbation of a chronic disease and a work-related injury.
  • Fortune telling on bloody cards on your own means committing an impulsive act and breaking off relations with a loved one.
  • If you dreamed that a fortune teller predicted the future, this is a sign of negative changes in your personal life.
  • Fortune-teller predicting death - leads to an exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Predicting a coming marriage means long-term loneliness.
  • Top-5 positive cartomancy dream meanings

  • Seeing a stranger telling fortunes using multi-colored cards and Scandinavian runes is a sign of career growth and a prosperous period in life.
  • Fortune telling on new beautiful cards means attending an entertainment event and signing an important contract on favorable terms.
  • Watching a witch tell fortunes with cards is a sign of mastering a new profession.
  • A blind woman telling fortunes - increase in self-esteem.
  • Listening to a fortune teller's prophecy means receiving a large inheritance.
  • Dream symbolism of fortune telling

    Dreaming of fortune-telling may indicate a desire for guidance and answers in your waking life. You might be facing important decisions or uncertainties, and your subconscious is seeking clarity.

    If you're feeling unsure about a situation, a dream of fortune-telling could reflect your inner turmoil. You may be looking for reassurance or insight into the future.

    Dreams of fortune-telling can sometimes be a manifestation of your intuition or gut feelings. Your subconscious may be picking up on subtle cues and trying to convey important information to you.

    If you have a strong interest in the occult or divination, a dream about fortune-telling might simply be a reflection of your fascination with these subjects.

    These dreams might reflect your concerns about the future, whether related to personal, professional, or emotional aspects of your life. They could represent your desire to predict or control the future.

    In some cases, a fortune-telling dream may contain symbolic messages or warnings about a specific situation or person in your life. It's essential to pay attention to the details of the dream for clues.

    Dreaming of a positive fortune-telling experience can be a sign of hope and optimism. It may indicate your belief that positive outcomes are possible.

    These dreams can also be an invitation to reflect on your inner thoughts and feelings, helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

    Telling fortunes Biblical meaning

    The Bible contains clear prohibitions against various forms of divination, such as astrology, necromancy (communicating with the dead), sorcery, and consulting mediums or psychics. These practices are often associated with seeking knowledge or guidance from sources other than God and are considered sinful or idolatrous.

    The biblical message emphasizes the importance of trust and faith in God's providence. Believers are encouraged to rely on God's guidance and seek His will through prayer and faith, rather than turning to occult practices or fortune-telling for answers.

    The Bible warns about false prophets and deceptive individuals who claim to have the power to predict the future. Deuteronomy 18:10-12, for example, explicitly condemns various forms of divination, and Leviticus 20:6 warns against mediums and familiar spirits.

    While the Bible discourages seeking guidance through divination, it acknowledges the occurrence of prophetic dreams. Some biblical figures, such as Joseph and Daniel, were known for their ability to interpret dreams that contained messages from God. These dreams were seen as divine revelations rather than fortune-telling.

    In the biblical perspective, believers are encouraged to exercise spiritual discernment to distinguish between genuine messages from God and deceptive practices. Dreams should be evaluated in light of one's faith and the teachings of the Bible.

    Sergii Haranenko
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