Fortune Telling Dream Meaning

    Fortune telling is much related to dreams interpretation. In our desire to understand our unconsciousness and future we sometimes visit fortune-tellers, no wonder people see dreams about divination. Here is a list of short explanations of the dream based on its details:
  • fortune telling - is a symbol of an important issue that was postponed
  • divination on coffee - is a sign of time wasted in vain
  • to tell fortune on Taro cards - means you are not satisfied with your life
  • to were trying to tell fortunes about your future partner yourself - you can expect miserable love
  • telling fortunes on runes - you will find a powerful protector
  • to tell fortune on rocks - you will have a brilliant idea how to deal with a problem
  • fortune telling on paper - you have plenty of talents
  • to see a gypsy telling fortune of your palm - you have many doubts

According to Miller seeing dreams about telling fortune means you have doubts and thoughts about an issue that you preferred not to notices but it keeps reminding you of itself. If someone was telling fortunes to a girl about her future husband this dream can mean she will have to choose between two men. If you were practicing fortune telling by the book of changes and remember which hexagram you saw in your dream the dreambooks advise you to check this hexagram and its meaning when you wake up. If a young unmarried woman sees a dream about fortune telling by her hand it is a symbol that she has a lot friends but at the moment there is no man in her life who considers serious relations. The same dream means many admirers for a married woman. If you were telling somebody his fortune it means someone will ask for your advice.

If you dreamt about fortune telling by clothes this dream means you are not always being sincere with your friends and family. The same dream seen by an ill person predicts an operation or other kind of treatment that will finally bring relief.

Sergii Haranenko

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