Chest Dream Meaning

The chest in a dream symbolizes life experience, attitude towards the world and others. Some dream books compare this subject with the opening perspectives that await a sleeping person in the future. Or a coffer may symbolize obstacles to the implementation of his plan. Let's figure it out.

A dream about an open chest with things and goods is interpreted by Miller as a foreshadowing of fabulous wealth or an incredible journey far abroad.

Seeing an empty trunk in a dream promises possible disappointment. A chest filled with gold and money to the brim predicts a temporary distraction from business and chores, an opportunity to be in pleasant seclusion.

Dr. Freud explains the dream picture of a cache by the fact that the sleeping person has certain criteria for selecting intimate partners. In women's dreams, details indicate that the dominant parameter in choosing a man is the size of his penis. The prevailing personal position of a lovely young lady deprives the dreamer of new sexual sensations.

Did you pack a chest of clothes in a dream? There will be a thorough preparation for a meeting with a person who causes excitement and desire in reality. However, according to Dr. Freud, nothing sensible will come of this communication, the relationship will be short-lived, and the ending will be painful.

Rummaging in the chest, trying to find something, symbolizes the subconscious dissatisfaction with your intimate life and the search for new, unexplored pleasures. This practice of looking for novelty can spoil the current relationship with a partner significantly, and undermine the partner’s trust in you.

According to the sorceress Medea, the treasure chest in a dream speaks of the dreamer's vast life experience. So, to see a chest with gold and jewelry in a dream means joy, pleasant emotional experiences. Finding rags or unnecessary trash there indicates anxiety, anxious expectation. An empty chest represents shattered hopes.

Another option for clarifying dreams about such a coffer is provided by Miss Hasse's dream book. Dreaming about treasure chest speaks of the prospects for successful capital accumulation.

A chest with shoes seen in a dream calls for decisive action. Finding a box with things floating in the water in a dream means that a trip or a business trip is coming soon.

The Esoteric dream book associates a closed chest in a dream with a secret. If you were lucky to open it - it will soon become known that they are hiding from you.

To find a wooden chest in the water suggests that envy and slander will become the reasons for the loss of loved ones. Seeing a metal coffer predicts new sensations, cardinal changes in the environment.

Did you open a closed chest in a dream with the intention of finding something? If you did not succeed, financial troubles are possible in reality. Have you found jewelry in a closed chest? This means prosperity, family well-being and the patronage of an influential person await you.

Sergii Haranenko
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