Box Dream Meaning

A box seen in a dream can have many meanings. The dream book focuses attention: an important point for the interpretation of what this symbol means is its content. This sign portends success, income, joy, but also warns of enemies and problems.

What is the meaning of a dream about a candy box? New undertakings will be successful if you enlist the support of colleagues. A box of chocolate promises reliable business partners. If it was with berries - the plan will be fulfilled, bringing excellent profits.

To receive a packaged set of chocolates as a gift, is regarded as a sign of material success. You can safely invest and sign contracts.

A box of color pencils in a dream promises a person excellent profit, wealth. Endeavors will bring good income.

To buy boots in a box – you will appreciate the changes in business. Black shoes mean things will get better. In general, new shoes in packaging for shoes predict a person business success.

If you had a dream of frozen fish in boxes, such image means you have some kind of unfinished business, postponed until better times. It's time to solve it.

Why do you dream a beautiful gift box? Dream Interpretation warns: do not wait for fate to bestow you with its grace. You need to work hard to achieve the goal.

To open the box and find shoes there means you are ready to take decisive action.

Why does one dream box of matches? The dream book informs: in order to overcome problems, it will be necessary to work with full dedication. Buying several packs of matches for the future - the dreamer will become the owner of significant capital after some time. Stepping on a matchbox in a dream promises heavy feelings, tears.

An infant found in the box, a foundling is an auspicious sign. Dream Interpretation reports: there will be success, happiness, profit.

Buying a box of chocolates in a dream means taking your contacts lightly, it’s easy for you to make a relationship. A candy package promises a new annoying boyfriend to a girl. To a young man - indicates: the girl whom he sympathizes with will refuse him.

What does the box in the box mean in a dream? The dream interpretation states: the dreamer will receive a surprise from a loved one soon.

If the girl dreamed that the guy gave her a box with a ring - the beloved will prove the seriousness of his feelings and readiness for their future together. With flowers - joy, love, care from him.

Why do you dream that someone is giving you a package of juice? Dream Interpretation informs you should expect pleasant surprises from friends, joy.

To dream of boxes of things prepared for the move means a big change ahead. Why do you dream of packing something? Dream Interpretation states: long-standing problems will finally be resolved, the situation will improve significantly.

Had a dream about buying a cake in a cardboard box? It means well-being, sweet life.

To pack something (things, shoes) into a large cardboard box - the circumstances of the dreamer's life will change dramatically.

A box with a bug in a dream – is a sign of frustration and minor troubles. Crushing it is a great sign.

Empty boxes seen in a dream mean that the unworthy act of the sleeper will become known.

Did you have a dream about a box of kittens? The dream portends minor troubles, losses.

To see scattered needles in a box in a dream means: the dreamer will be a reason of his problems. You should be careful not to rush to take the initiative.

Did you see bundle of money in a box? Soon, a person will be freed from assignments, trouble and will have the opportunity to relax perfectly, having secluded himself.

Opening a box in a dream, full of any goods - shoes, matches, sugar, cookies, something else – is a good vision. The dreamer will have the acquisition of great wealth or long journeys.

An empty cardboard box for shoes promises disappointment: the steps taken will be in vain.

The color of the box also matters. So, white box portends good news, and black one - deep, painful experiences. Red box - circumstances will require you to take decisive action.

If, opening the box, you see that there are snakes – this plot means you will find envious people around you, insidious people who seek to harm you. Finding a rat - you have enemies, quarrels, fraud from colleagues are possible. Spiders represent enemies, but you can defeat them.

To see a box of champagne in a dream - new opportunities will open in reality soon, but it will be somewhat risky. You need to calculate everything carefully before rushing to conquer new peaks.

According to Esoteric dreambook, a square box means material assistance, while the round one symbolizes help in protecting interests.

Sergii Haranenko
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