Chewing Gum Dream Meaning

Almost all dream books interpret the dream in which you saw that you were chewing gum the same way – this means that in reality you are doing an unnecessary and unprofitable work. It will bring neither prosperity nor satisfaction. You are wasting your time.

If you blow bubbles from the gum in a dream - this is a signal that you will not be able to make the right decision on your own. Seek advice from loved ones.

If you dreamed that someone near you was blowing bubbles and defiantly smacking the gum - take a closer look at your surroundings. There is someone in it who should not be trusted, who can spread gossip about you. Take note of the warnings of the dream book and you will avoid slander.

Buying bubble gum in a dream does not bode well. If you just hold it in your mouth like candy, you will lose small amount of money. If you started chewing the gum – you will pay a fine or lose money in a dispute. If you dreamed that you were treated with a gum - someone from your relatives or friends will ask for money to borrow.

If you see in your dreams a chewing cow - the dream book tells you that you need to gather your thoughts, otherwise you risk getting into trouble.

In a dream, you sat in a chewing gum or see it on your clothes - do not engage in any scams, do not try gaining profit in an illegal way, you will have problems.

If the gum stuck to the sole of your shoe - watch your promises - you can recklessly let yourself be drawn into a dubious business.

Why do you dream that you see chewing gum tangled in the hair on your head? Wait for brilliant ideas on how to solve a problem that haunts you. In the hair of another person - in the coming days a friend will tell you how to solve your problems.

If you dream that you hold the chewing gum in your mouth with your teeth, and with your hand you stretch it into a long string - impressive obstacles will grow on the way to achieving the plans. If the gum is torn when stretched - most likely, you can not cope without help.

A dream where you try tearing off a chewing gum that has stuck to your clothes and cannot tear it off, means that in real life you will receive a task that you cannot complete.

A dream in which you feel a pleasant taste of bubble gum in your mouth suggests that you will have sex, from which you will receive unforgettable pleasure.

Bitter or unpleasant taste warns that in the coming days you better not speak in public, you can fail the performance.

Sour chewing gum can predict gossip. If you are the one who feels sour taste in a dream - control the words that you pronounce, people may interpret them incorrectly. If you see how another person is crooked from sourness, gossip can be addressed to you.

If you dreamed that you saw a chewing gum on your clothes and felt a pleasant aroma - the dream book will please you - you will receive praise from the management or from a person whose opinion is authoritative for you.

If in a dream, while clearing the gum tangled in your hair, you feel that the whole head has been saturated with the flavour – this means the bosses will appreciate your merits - this is what the Oriental dream book says.

Sergii Haranenko
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