Clay Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about clay? One can interpret correctly what clay means in a dream by opening the dream book and remembering how you saw it. Often this sign is a harbinger of some unpleasant events. However, sometimes it can have a positive interpretation. The actions performed with clay in a dream matter: to dig clay soil, to be treated with white or blue clay, or to get dirty with it like dirt – these dream plot will have different meanings.

Miller's dream book explains clay seen in a dream as a symbol of impending financial problems. If you dreamed that you were digging a hole in the clay soil of the coast - be prepared for attacks of enemies. When you suddenly saw clay digging the ground – this means your new promising enterprise may stall due to some unpleasant interference.

Why do you dream of slipping on clay? This is a warning that you should carefully consider your plans before implementing them. It would not hurt to weigh everything once again, since some important detail may be missed. A warning should be heeded, because you can lose what you have spent many years of painstaking work on.

Usually dreaming about dry clay, according to the dream book, promises material complications. Digging it in a dream means hard work awaits you. If you brought home some clay - the neighbors will envy you.

If you were treated with clay in a dream, it means a chronic ailment lies in wait. It will be necessary to treat it precisely with the clay that was seen in a dream – white or blue clay.

To be smeared with clay, as if with mud in a dream – means an accident is likely to happen. Why do you dream that the walls of your house suddenly became clay? Family troubles are approaching, and in order to avoid them, it is better to pay more attention to your family members.

The interpretation of dreams with clay may be favorable. The dream interpretation of the dream where you sculpted something from clay is positive: you will be able to achieve the goal with persistence. Such a dream also predicts financial assistance. And to glaze the sculptured clay items means getting a pleasant surprise.

To mold a pot of red clay or to see how someone does it - the dreamer will be able to successfully implement a certain idea that others neglect. Or he will be able to use an obscure situation in his favor very advantageously - says the dream book. Forming a brick from clay means a person needs support, because he feels insecure. To achieve your plans, you need to find reliable people.

Why do you dream of kneading clay with your hands? The dreamer has artistic and creative talents. In addition, this symbol portends the fulfillment of your wish. Smearing a hut with clay in a dream – predicts the acquisition of a new home. Sculpting something from clay indicates a favorable moment for conceiving a child.

If you dreamed of blue, dark-blue or green clay - a whole streak of bad luck awaits you in the personal sphere. Red clay - according to the dream book, predicts diseases of the skin, joints, lymphatic or circulatory system. In general, clay of any color, including white – means that the diseases of the joints, spine are possible.

Walking along clay mud into a muddy river means your plans will fail. You should consider such an unfavorable turn of events: prepare a fallback, because whoever is warned is armed.

    In general, to see clay in a dream is a controversial symbol. The dream interpretation gives it several diverse meanings:
  • illness, danger for your life;
  • the death of someone you know;
  • an indication of the soft, indecisive nature of the dreamer;
  • possible inheritance;
  • health, prosperity;
  • a convenient opportunity that appeared and is not to be missed.

In order to understand what a particular plot means, you need to remember its smallest details, as well as the mood that prevails in the dream and remains after it. For women, according to Miller’s dream book, a dream sign portends trouble due to an erroneous assessment of some actions. This can lead to love and business failures. Therefore, you should carefully plan your actions, not succumbing to impulsivity.

Sergii Haranenko
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