Cocaine Dream Meaning

Even in a dream, cocaine is considered a harbinger of destruction, which will affect your personal life, business, and even the personality of a sleeping person. Paramount importance in the interpretation of this narcotic substance in a dream of is given to the character who took it.

Sniffing cocaine in a dream to a person who has never taken drugs in reality promises dramatic changes in his life by a dream book. According to the Modern Universal dreambook, the changes touch the sphere that is most important to the dreamer.

A woman who dreams of sniffing cocaine, according to Freud's dream book, should be more careful with the choice of her lover or life partner. Sniffing coke for a man in a dream, according to the statements of the Modern Interpreter, means an unstable position in the workplace.

If you happened to see that you are selling cocaine in a dream, this means you should avoid impulsive actions in reality, restrain the manifestation of negative emotions.

Modern dreambook is the most severe in the interpretation of dreams about selling drugs. The dreaming action means that the dreamer is prone to commit a hypocritical act or crime in reality.

    Miller gives a bit different interpretation of cocaine in a dream:
  • Taking drugs speaks of the dreamer’s influence on other people, his tendency to manipulate;
  • Seeing another person take cocaine – bad luck, loss of friend;
  • Preventing drug addiction – you bring joy and kindness to people;
  • Giving cocaine to someone – light disease of one of your friends.

Seen cocaine, according to the explanations of the Dreambook from A to Z, indicates a large number of temptations, which a dreamer cannot resist. You are very flexible and unstable in your aspirations. If you dreamed that you are getting rid of the harmful habit, which means that in reality you will find the desired happiness, you will achieve the cherished goal.

Feel the euphoria after taking drugs, foreshadows a mental decline and malaise. To see the nightmarish visions caused by the action of these substances means confusion and chaos in a love relationship.

To see cocaine in a dream, according to the Erotic dreambook, indicates your tendency to succumb to the temptations of sexual character. Trying to diversify his intimate life, the dreamer can go on various kinds of experiments, which may affect his health and reputation in the future.

If you dreamed that another person was taking drugs - be careful, a close person can draw you into a dangerous story with his rash actions.

According to the Italian interpreter, cocaine in a dream is a sign of a change in the behavior or thinking of the dreamer. Perhaps impulsiveness and lack of restraint are the causes of conflicts and misunderstandings with others.

To buy cocaine in a dream promises by a dream book danger from inaction. Take hold of yourself and make a decisive act.

Sergii Haranenko
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