Drugstore Dream Meaning

A pharmacy seen in a dream has different interpretations. Some dream books state that such a dream warns of imminent illness, others - about a valuable acquisition.

When a girl sees a pharmacy from outside with a beautiful and bright sign in a dream - if you are alone, you will have a chance to marry a rich man, Miller’s dreambook promises.

If you were standing near a drugstore deciding whether to go in or not, in reality, you really want to please some person to whom you sympathize.

Looking for a drugstore for a long time in a dream predicts a casual acquaintance, which can turn into a love story, Women dreambook predicts.

If you saw a nice-looking pharmacist of the opposite sex in a dream, this is a sign of acquaintance with a person with whom you will have difficult relationship, from passionate love to hate.

If you ordered your prescription drug, this plot promises easy profit. If you were pleasantly surprised by pharmacy prices - a sign that the project you are currently working on will bring you the expected profit.

Buying drugs, especially expensive ones is a warning about possible money loss. If you bought something not related to drugs in a drugstore, this plot means you will have a career growth thanks to your brilliant ideas.

To see that you are working at a pharmacy stand in a dream - in the near future you will be lucky with the job, you will be offered a very promising position with a good salary. Selling drugs predicts new business proposals; the work will differ from what you are used to.

If you know where the pharmacy was located, but couldn’t find it, you should beware of traumas, Vanga’s dreambook predicts.

Buying drugs at extremely high price is a warning to take a good care of your health, you can catch a virus. If you passed by a pharmacy not coming in, this is a symbol of good health and mood.

If a girl saw in a dream that she sells medicines that have expired, this image predicts gynecology problems.

To see that you have acquired contraceptives - a dream foreshadows imminent danger from a person of the opposite sex.

If someone sent you to the drugstore and you bought wrong medicine, this is a warning to be more attentive since a mistake can cost you a lot in real life.

A dream in which you bought drugs for a very low price means that while you are running after some promising, at first glance, work, you run the risk of getting into big trouble.

Seeing an ampoule in a dream is a sign predicting health. Buying ampoules in a dream - means you will take care of the sick. Besides that dreaming of some kind of ampoules predicts danger that is hidden yet.

Seeing antiseptic drugs in a dream is a warning of danger. You may be the victim of an accident or catch an infectious disease.

Taking aspirin in a dream is a sign that you will have a lot of trouble and you will have to work a lot to achieve the desired result. Giving aspirin to someone in a dream is a sign that your friend will ask you for help, and you will not be able to refuse him.

Seeing penicillin in a dream is a sign of an infectious disease. Injecting penicillin in a dream - may mean a long, protracted illness.

What is the shilajit dream meaning? A dream about taking mummy (mumiyo, mumijo) as medicine is a warning about a disease that should be treated with unconventional methods.

Sergii Haranenko
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