Corset Dream Meaning

What it means if you dream about girdle? In a dream, a corset testifies to the excessive curiosity of a sleeping person. Sometimes dream books portend excitement, the disclosure of secrets and the search for one's self, explaining why this garment appears in a dream.

Dreaming about corset, according to the psychologist Miller, means: you will be stunned and extremely surprised by the flirting of a person whom you decided to conquer a long time ago.

For a young girl who has to lace up a corset in a dream, while experiencing anger or irritation, Miller's dream book predicts a quarrel with friends over a trifle occasion.

    The interpretation of a dream about a corset depends on the color of the dreaming piece of clothing. So, seeing the following girdle in a dream means:
  • red corset - announces strong emotional shock;
  • black corset - predicts squabbles, unpleasant communication with others;
  • white corset - speaks of fulfillment of innermost hopes;
  • beautiful, expensive corset - promises a luxurious gift from a loved one;
  • dirty, untidy corset - warns about gossip that you gave a reason for;
  • orthopaedic corset - speaks about problems with the spine.

If you dreamed of tightening a corset, in reality you can get into cramped circumstances. For men the similar plot threatens of getting into disgrace of your boss because of one’s own intemperance. Sometimes such a dream speaks of self-doubt, constraint and not being sure in your decisions.

Did a young lady try on a white corset of a wedding dress in a dream? Such plot means that wedding or marriage proposal is coming. For married ladies to see a red corsage of a wedding dress in a dream means that the honeymoon is nearing with her spouse.

The corset in the form of underwear, according to the dream book of Dr. Freud, personifies the desire of a sleeping person to have sexual relations with a younger partner. Have you dreamed about a black corsage made of leather or latex? This image means you will participate in tough intimate games.

The Modern combined dream interpreter warns of vile enemies who are trying their best to drive you into a dead end if you dreamed about corset.

The dreamed open corset notifies about the opening of an interesting and pleasant secret. The corset you put on speaks of severe punishment for your curiosity.

A corset seen in a dream also indicates fatigue from obligations, moral discomfort, relationships. Overfatigue can result in a feeling of stiffness, tightness.

A Family dream book prophesies strained relationships with close people, misunderstanding between spouses, parents, relatives. Fatigue and devastation will be the root cause of family turmoil.

If a young lady happened to wear a corset in a dream, this means her efforts to look who she really is not are in vain. It is impossible to build sincere relationships with a lover and others on lies and pretense.

Sergii Haranenko
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