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Interpretation of a dream about wedding dress

The image of wedding in a dream is a promise of some life changes, or maybe having a good time in the company of new acquaintances. If the dress was torn or dirty, you should be careful, there is a chance you might lose your beloved one.

If you were wearing a wedding dress in your dream, this sign means some changes in your life. Maybe you will be given someone else’s work to do and you will enjoy the process and meet new interesting people.

If you saw the wedding dress turn dirty right in front of you, this is a warning about a serious problem. You will have a serious illness, maybe even undergo a surgery.

In Miller’s dreambook a wedding dress is a symbol of public actions that will bring new acquaintances. If a real bride sees a dream about a wedding dress, this is a sign that she is being too emotional about the coming event and is paying it too much time.

If you were sewing or decorating your own wedding dress, this image is a warning that you should not reveal your plans to other people in advance, because they may not work out.

According to Erotic dreambook, if you see a dream about a wedding dress, this is a symbol that your relations with the partner should come on new level, otherwise you will have to break up.

A red wedding dress shows your wishes for more passionate relations in sex; you should not be shy and tell your partner about this. After you will tell openly about your desires, your intimate life will improve greatly. Such dream can also predict disappointment and tears; you should not trust your secrets to people whom you barely know.

If you were trying on a wedding dress and couldn’t take your eyes off your reflection in the mirror, this sign means that you will get additional job that you will enjoy and it will bring you good income as well.

  • A yellow or golden wedding dress indicates envy of others in real life.
  • A blue or green dress is associated with your dreams coming true.
  • A black wedding dress is a symbol of sad news.

If you had a dream that your daughter was walking in a gorgeous wedding dress, this image means you will have some happy event in the family. A dream about many happy brides in wedding dresses means you will have a lot of happiness and joy.

Throwing away a wedding dress symbolizes disappointment in someone close to you. A dream about funeral of the bride in a wedding dress is a symbol of ruined hopes.