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Interpretation of a dream about dead horse

According to dreambooks, a dead horse seen in a dream predicts sad news in real life. This image can also symbolize the reflection of your attitude to work and obligations that you consider too hard and difficult.

The dream about killing a horse has psychoanalytic interpretation. You understand in your heart that with your actions you can bring grief to your beloved ones, and therefore you come to such sad dreams.

If you saw a dead horse in your dream and if it has already begun to decompose, worms creep in it, you should wait for shame, loss, ruin — such a plot does not promise anything good for the dreamer. The same interpretation has a dream about a dying horse: there will be stagnation in your affairs, and you will need means of subsistence.

A dream about killed horse is a symbol of sad or unpleasant news that will drive the ground from under your feet. If you happened to kill a horse in your dream, you will be the catalyst of bad news.

According to dream interpretations, a horse’s head that the dreamer was holding in his hands predicts a number of failures or a difficult disease that you will have to fight with for a very long time.