Disaster Dream Meaning

A natural disaster in a dream personifies personal worries and sensations, and also reflects possible events of the future. The dream book will tell why we dream of specific natural disasters.

In some cases, a natural disaster bodes well. For example, in a dream, a symbolic destruction of the old worldview occurs, the life stage passed by passes into oblivion, the subconscious mind gets rid of fears, bad habits and other negative energies.

However, sometimes natural disaster means breaking partnerships and love relationships, ruining and complete failure of plans. The dream interpretation is sure that everything depends on a personal attitude to dreams in general and on experienced emotions in particular.

Specific events that happened in dreams can give a more accurate interpretation of the plots. So an extensive but calm flood promises freedom and peace, prosperity and stable welfare. Did you have a dream of stormy and rapid flood? Dream Interpretation is sure that this is a reflection of uncontrolled emotions.

To dream of a natural disaster from afar – predicts a dangerous connection and malicious acquaintance, to be in the epicenter – is a sign of suffering and a change in lifestyle.

The interpreter of Mr. Miller noted that flood with dark muddy waters means that a real disaster is coming, which will bring great worries.

What is the meaning of a dream of hurricane? Dream Interpretation believes that this is a very transparent sign of future changes. Did you happen to see how in a dream how hurricane destroys houses, tears out trees and carries people away? You will have to change your job or place of residence soon.

Did you have a dream that you got into hurricane? The plans that you have been building and considering for so long will collapse overnight.

Why do you dream of such an unusual natural disaster as meteor shower? Dream Interpretation believes that this is a sign of a rather strange incident, probably related to the intervention of otherworldly forces. At the same time to dream about the fall of one meteorite – predicts short-term happiness, which will be remembered for a lifetime.

Did you have a dream of many meteors making shower? You run the risk of becoming confused in your own feelings and committing a stupid act.

    The dream book offers a small list of meanings that this or that natural disaster has in a dream.
  • An earthquake marks a revision of worldview, stereotypes, global changes in personality and existence.
  • Volcano - violent conflicts, undermining reputation, an explosion of emotions.
  • Tsunami - stormy social events, incredible romantic hobby.
  • Tornado - tests, destruction of the familiar lifestyle, danger.
  • An avalanche means risky business, a lot of urgent problems.
  • A landslide is a sign of inevitability, a breakdown of the plan.
  • Forest fire - uncontrolled aspirations, aggression, destructive thinking.
  • Drought - a difficult situation, futility of efforts, stagnation, anxiety.

What is the interpretation of the dream in which you managed to save yourself during a natural disaster? The dream interpretation considers this a symbol of the fact that you dream of a calm and quiet life, try to hide from the public and have equal relations with everyone.

Did you have a dream of natural disaster from which you were miraculously fortunate enough to be saved? You are probably lucky in life and always find a way out of the most difficult situations.

If you managed to escape from the cataclysm in a dream only thanks to your own efforts, the dream book is sure that you are building your own destiny, and therefore you have to blame only yourself when mistakes occur.

Sergii Haranenko
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