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Interpretation of a dream about tornado

A dream in which there is a tornado can talk about some changes in your life, abrupt changes of activity. Often these changes involve losses. As the dream book interprets, a tornado in a dream can also be a warning of trouble.

The roar of a tornado, according to the dream book, means that you will have a long and painful waiting. And this expectation will be replaced by desperate and useless attempts to stop the collapse of everything.

If you dreamed that tornado destroyed your home, this plot suggests that in the future you will need to adjust your lifestyle, you may have to change your place of residence or work. The dreams of tornado consequences indicate that trouble will happen, but it will not affect you.

If the hurricane is approaching you, you need to calm down in real life, pull yourself together and not show anyone your weakness and fatigue. And after a while the forces will return to you again.

To prevent a tornado in a dream means you will have some very valuable mission or secret. And it is possible that an expensive item or package will be entrusted to you for storage.

If you run away from a tornado in a dream, you will encounter a difficult situation and it will require immediate resolution. This dream says that you do not need to pull the entire solution to the problem on yourself; you need to ask for help.

A dream in which your loved ones suffered from a tornado warns that you need to be more relaxed about everyday difficulties and troubles. If you see how a tornado destroys something, this means you should be careful in real life, you may be in danger of a disaster.

According to Miller’s interpretation, the dream of tornado suggests that you had some plans; you hoped that they would give a long-awaited result, but your hopes did not come true. And this tornado symbolizes the abyss of despair, into which you have plunged yourself, grief, suffering from unfulfilled hopes.

Sonan's dream book thinks that you are simply obsessed with some kind of dream, an idea, it does not go out of your head, and you spend all your strength on its realization. By all means, you seek to achieve its execution.