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Earthquake Dream Meaning

Sometimes we see dreams that do not leave our head for a long time. Such serious event as an earthquake can have a strong effect on the dreamer. Even if it looked pretty scary in the night plot, it doesn’t always mean that something bad will happen.

Dreams about earthquake do not bring serious troubles in the life of the dreamer; they just predict significant life changes. You should try to concentrate your efforts and the changes will be positive. Very often an earthquake seen in a dream predicts moving to another country.

All the dreambooks agree that an earthquake symbolizes a new big life stage. These can be both physical changes and the next step in the spiritual development of the personality. Apparently, there simply is not enough strength and courage for this in the dreamer’s life.

If you have done some bad actions towards other people, right now is the best time to fix them. Otherwise a dream about earthquake will bring punishment for them in real life.

If you saw cracks on the walls as a result of earthquake, you should take a better look at your business partners: maybe there is unfair attitude to cooperation from their side. If you see how other people are trying to save themselves from this natural phenomenon, someone in your close environment needs help.

Houses ruined by earthquake and cracked ground seen in a dream are a symbol of unexpected news. If you are watching the destruction from a safe place, the dreambooks tell you that this news should not be expected soon.

As for Miller, he states that a dream about earthquake predicts business problems or deterioration of the situation in foreign policy. If you were taking part in rebuilding the ruined city, such plot is telling that you will be able to undergo all life trials with dignity.

The dreambooks also consider that a symbol of earthquake reflects your inner state. Maybe the dream indicates deeply hidden feelings of fear and anxiety, dreams of change, or some unsatisfied desire torments you.

Sometimes an earthquake seen in a dream is a precursor of a cataclysm in real life. If you saw a dream about earthquake without any damage, you may not worry: there will be no losses in your life. On the contrary, this is a promise of a number of pleasant life changes.

This plot can also represent changes in personal life. If you have a partner, just make sure that he/she is satisfied with everything in your relations.

Sergii Haranenko

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