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Eating Tomatoes Dream Meaning

The majority of dreambooks consider it a good sign if you were eating tomatoes in a dream. According to Miller, eating tomatoes is a symbol of the end of your problem period.

For those who are lonely and ate red tomatoes in a dream, this is a sign of coming romantic acquaintance. If tomatoes were seen together with cucumbers in a salad, there is a possibility you will get acquainted with a foreigner.

The Wanderer’s dreambook predicts abundance and wealth for those who were eating fresh red tomatoes picking them up from a bush. The more fresh and ripe the tomatoes were in your dream, the more happiness and luck you will have in real life.

Eating pickled tomatoes means you will receive good news or something you were waiting for will finally happen.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, if you were eating pickled vegetables in a dream and they tasted sweet, this means you will receive appraisal from a person whose opinion is important for you.

Eating a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers together with your partner is a sign that you have doubts in his sincerity, preacher Loff states. Eating fried or stewed tomatoes in a dream means that your relations have reached the pick and are about to end if you do not do something to save them. You should be especially careful if your partner offered eating such dish.

Eating tomatoes with fried potatoes is a symbol of having a good time in a company of people close to you. If you had alcohol besides tomatoes and French fries, this is a sign of a big party and having a lot of fun.

Some dreambooks predict an interesting travel for those who ate yellow or green tomatoes in a dream. True, the road will be exciting, but when you get to the place, you will rest nicely.

    Some interpretations of eating tomatoes are not quite positive:
  • rotten tomatoes - you will be deceived by someone close to you;
  • black tomatoes - worries about your own health;
  • bitter or too sour vegetables - you get mad at someone;
  • wormy tomatoes - you should not unconditionally trust people whom you barely know;
  • beautiful on the outside, but smelling badly tomatoes - someone will gossip about you.

Sergii Haranenko

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