Green Tomatoes Dream Meaning

Green tomatoes in a dream warn: there will be an awkward situation, difficulties at work, losses, unresponsive feelings. But sometimes they promise successful cooperation and good news from loved ones.

Dreams about unripe vegetables warn you that you should not rush to start a serious relationship. You may not like to sacrifice yourself for the sake of someone constantly.

To see green tomatoes in a dream means, according to the dreambook: a certain important event will depend on your opinion. However, you will be taken by awkwardness, doubt, confusion, so you can not find a decent way out of the situation. No need to despair and lose confidence.

If a man sees picked unripe tomatoes in a dream, this image means that troubles at work will begin. You must try to solve problems with confidence and feel free to ask friends for help.

The dream about green tomatoes warns: you can make a premature or incorrect decision. Weigh the pros and cons, consider the consequences and only then make a decision.

    In order to get the detailed interpretation of the plot you should remember your actions in a dream:
  • saw tomatoes growing on the bushes - you will have a secret love;
  • watering the bushes in the garden - you will learn about a rival who lives almost nearby;
  • ripped them off - material losses;
  • sliced for salad - a breakdown in business;
  • ate - you can lose some property;
  • pickled for the winter - you will change your own views to more original ones.

Green tomatoes on the bushes in the greenhouse in a dream mean that there will be problems in personal or family life. Someone from relatives will report about their dissatisfaction with you in a sharp form.

The interpretation of the dream about unripe tomatoes is also the following: there is a halt in business, a period of unfavorable circumstances, when objective reasons put the plans at risk of failure.

To dream of red and green tomatoes in the garden is an excellent sign, according to the dreambook. You can expect effective cooperation with quite influential people. They promise some kind of joy. Perhaps you will learn the good news about your friends and you will be glad for them.

Seeing big green tomatoes in a dream means you will soon be disappointed in your beloved.

If a woman sees big unripe tomatoes in a dream, this image can mean she will fall in love (mostly probable, secretly from her partner), but the object of her passion will be unavailable.

If an unmarried girl sees large greenish vegetables in the dream, this plot means that a man who is interested in her will not cause mutual sympathy. But later she may regret it. No need to hurry to repel a person - you should get to know him better.

If one had a dream about green tomatoes in spring or summer, it promises, according to the dreambook, a slight indisposition due to overwork; and in the fall or winter it shows the need to concentrate energy to complete the task.

Sergii Haranenko
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