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Emergency Vehicle Dream Meaning

If you saw a tow-truck in a dream, this plot means you happened to be in a difficult situation that can end with nervous breakdown. You should try taking a vacation and have a rest these coming days.

A dream in which you call an emergency vehicle in order to fix a pipe that burst means you should be careful as there is high possibility of difficult traumas.

Seeing yourself as a driver of a tow truck is a symbol of dissatisfaction with the results of your work. It is quite possible you will want to change the place of work.

If a married woman sees her husband working on an emergency vehicle in a dream, this plot means she will be initiator of a quarrel and disagreement in the family.

Seeing a tow truck in a dream represents your difficulties and responsibilities. Alternatively, it shows an aspect of your life where you need a little help. You need someone to help pick you up and guide you on the right path. Dreaming that you are driving a tow truck means that you feel that others are overly dependent on you. You feel burdened or overwhelmed.

If the car was towed in a dream, this means you will be deceived in promises given by your management.

If you dreamed of a tow truck from afar - then you will receive a warning about a dangerous connection, a bad acquaintance. If you dreamed that a car or a ship was being evacuated, then you have to fight hard for your well-being.

If you dreamed that you were evacuating someone that means repenting and acknowledging your mistakes.

The dream in which you had to tow the car is a dream that you will not get pleasure from the expected entertainments. Your car will be evacuated after an accident - to loss, illness, and unpleasant news. To see how someone's car is being evacuated - troubles will pass you by.

Sergii Haranenko

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