Ex Texted You Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you received a message from your ex? Getting a message from your previous partner in a dream, this plot predicts troubles at work and problems in your personal life. Such a dream also predicts cardinal changes and fateful meetings.

If you often dream that your ex texted you, this is a sign of low self-esteem.

A dream in which an ex-boyfriend wrote you a message on the Internet and then called you can promise sexual satisfaction.

Dream about your ex writing you from prison - means trouble due to irresponsibility.

If you dreamed that you refused to communicate with the ex-boyfriend who texted you, this means you should be ready for the loss of a large amount.

A dream in which your ex refuses to communicate with you in the message portends flirting with a man who is married.

According to Freud's dream book, a dream that you received a letter from your ex-husband may mean the need for rest.

According to Loff, such a dream portends a wrong decision.

According to Meneghetti, getting a message from your ex and being the first to take a step towards resuming the relationship is a dream meaning overcoming fears.

According to the Muslim dream book, receiving a message from the former partner and rejoicing means overcoming difficulties in relations with your partner.

From whom did you receive the message in a dream?

  • text from a former beloved - an invitation to a holiday;
  • text message from your ex-husband - low-paid work;
  • message from your lover - a surprise from him;
  • from a former friend - receiving a reward for work.

What were your actions in a dream?

  • writing a response message to the ex-boyfriend's phone number - the appearance of competitors;
  • receiving a letter from ex-boyfriend and reading it - falling in love with a stranger;
  • receiving a message in one of the social media messengers - disappointment and sadness;
  • chatting on a social network with an ex-boyfriend whom you still like - an interesting acquaintance;
  • receiving a message from your ex with a marriage proposal - well-being;
  • corresponding with the former, being next to him - a new romance;
  • if you got upset when reading a message from your ex - doubts about the correctness of your decision;
  • throwing away a letter from your ex - a conflict that a young woman will provoke.

What did your ex write you in a dream?

  • ex writes that he loves and misses you - parting with his current partner;
  • ex texts "Hi" in a dream - a long separation from a loved one;
  • ex sends "Farewell" in text message - a great celebration;
  • ex texting you about a meeting - pride in your achievements;
  • ex sends you "Good night" message - having a rest;
  • ex texted "You’re a slut" - a conflict with an aggressive person;
  • receiving "That’s it" from your ex - good luck.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about your ex sending you a message?

  • If you dreamed that you received a letter from your ex and cried, this means a false accusation on his part.
  • Responding to his message in the presence of your girlfriend speaks of the envy of others.
  • Receiving SMS from a guy who you broke up with a long time ago - means depression.
  • Quarreling with him in correspondence - vain worries.
  • A dream in which the former partner wrote before the wedding - means quarrels with parents.

Here are the Top-5 positive ex texting you dream meanings:

  • Receiving and burning a letter from your ex - sign of good mood.
  • Receiving a text message from your ex and deleting it without reading - self-confidence.
  • Communicating by correspondence with your ex, who left you for another woman - victory over a rival.
  • Your married ex texted you - a lucky coincidence.
  • Receiving a message from your ex that he wants to return - the increased attention of the opposite sex.

What did your ex want from you in his message?

  • ex texting he wants to meet and talk - possible pregnancy;
  • ex sending a letter that he wants to be near - a meeting with a relative whom you have not seen for a long time;
  • ex wants to bring everything back - unrequited love.
Sergii Haranenko
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