Feeding Birds Dream Meaning

It is a good sign if you happened to feed birds in a dream. According to the dream interpreters, such plot promises the support of loved ones and help in overcoming difficulties. The dreambooks assure: in order to understand why the birds feeding is seen in the night plot, it is necessary to take into account not only the fact of feeding, but also consider what kinds of birds they were.

As Miller's dreambook states, feeding birds in a dream is a symbol of a full and organized life. And if a woman sees such dream, it means a quick marriage with a wealthy and not greedy person.

If you dreamed that you were treating a predator bird with bread crumbs, and it pecked you painfully on the palm, this plot means financial losses.

    Feeding different birds in a dream has different interpretations:
  • crows - vain expectations;
  • hens - you will bother about something;
  • feeding a turkey - it is worth reducing your ambitions;
  • eagle, falcon, etc. - an adventure;
  • feeding a parrot - you will talk a lot about someone.

If you dreamed that you were feeding birds in the poultry yard, it means that troubles and cares will soon fall on you, Preacher Loff’s dreambook states.

If you were feeding emaciated geese or ducks, then rest assured, a period of anxiety and fussiness will not bypass you.

If you were feeding fat lazy birds in a dream, such dream is a sign that you should not sit on your hands doing nothing. You should act if you want to achieve something.

According to the White Magician's dreambook, feeding the birds living in a cage in your home is a sign that you will experience a sense of satisfaction with life.

If you dreamed that you fed a parrot with bread, this plot promises fun and idleness; if you offered bread to a canary - wait for profits. But feeding bread to hungry pigeons living in your personal dovecote is a signal that friends will brighten your loneliness and amuse you during the period of sadness.

Medea’s dreambook will help understand dreams about feeding predator birds. If you see in a dream that you feed the birds in the steppe, and mostly predatory ones, then this can be a warning: you should not “play with fire”.

If you watch a mother-eagle feed its chicks, you should know that you will be able to confront problems only if you are not afraid to take responsibility.

If a hawk female brings food to her chicks in her beak, this is a sign that your safety and luck depend on the ability to make quick decisions.

If you feed sparrows with seeds right from your hands, according to the Wanderer’s dreambook, you will have small but significant victories soon. If you dreamed that the most courageous sparrow jumped into your palm for seeds, you should feel free to take up new projects: you will succeed.

If it was difficult to feed birds from your hand since they were afraid to fly closer, this is a sign that you should not take any decisions without hearing someone’s advice.

If crows ate from your hand in a dream, this means you will spoil relations with somebody by proving your point of view.

Sergii Haranenko
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