Ferry Dream Meaning

What is the dream meaning of a ferry? A ferry-boat in a dream predicts an unexpected event of successful ending of a difficult endeavor. Such a dream also predicts relocation or business trip.

Dreaming about white ferry is a symbol of joy. A big ferry boat predicts career growth. If you dreamed about a sinking ferry boat, this plot warns about the risk of being late to an important meeting.

    What did you do in your dream about the ferry?
  • waiting for a ferry on the shore - a period of loneliness;
  • being late for ferry - an unpleasant incident;
  • tocross the river by ferry - means losing in the dispute;
  • to sail on a ferry on the sea - mutual understanding in a relationship with a partner;
  • to see a ferry drown - predicts a sad event.

If you have a dream about a ferry on the sea, this may be a sign of real fatigue.

Some dreambooks think that if a married woman dreamed about ferry crossing, this may be a sign of coming pregnancy. For an unmarried young girl this dream may be a sign of approaching a wedding. If a man dreams about a ferry, this plot may be a warning about financial problems.

What are the other signs in dreams that you are pregnant?

If you dream about a rusty ferry, this is a sign of deteriorating living conditions. Dreaming of a wooden ferry predicts a disease.

Operating a ferry in a dream means making a mistake at work. To sail on a ferry across the ocean is a symbol of vain expectations.

A ferry with children is a dream predicting fun pastime. A ferry boat with vehicles is a symbol of successful self-realization. If a ferry carried animals in your dream, this image predicts interesting acquaintances.

Dream about searching and finding a ferry – is a sign of a pleasant surprise from friends. Mooring it to the shore in a dream – means restoring business reputation.

According to Miller's dream book, dreaming of a ferry reflects the fear of changes in life. Seeing how the ferry collided with the steamer – warns of the risk of getting into an accident.

According to Freud, dreams about ferries are a sign of regular change of sexual partners. If a woman dreamed that she was late for ferry, this plot shows that she is not satisfied with how she looks.

Vanga considered a dream about a ferry boat with a big hole a sign of being late for work.

Sergii Haranenko
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