Gate Dream Meaning

What is the dream meaning of gate seen in the night plot? Dreaming about gate symbolizes a kind of border, to cross which in a dream means to go to a new stage in life or reach a different level of relationship. Basically, this image seen in a dream predicts changes. But what they will be like - positive or negative, depends on the plot of the dream.

According to Miller’s interpretation, closed gates mean successfully overcoming difficulties. Seeing an old broken gate bodes failure and the emergence of conflicting obligations.

Medea's dream interpretation explains the open gate as the possibilities that open for a dreamer. Also, a dream could symbolize the border between two worlds - Hell and Paradise. Broken gates warn of a missed chance, large gate with a beautiful arch promise success and harmony.

It’s easy to guess why such a dream comes to a person according to Freud’s dream book. The image of the gate is a symbol of the female genital organs. For a woman to see that they are open portends the response for her sexual aspirations. If a man sees such an image, this means he cannot forgive his lady that he is not her first.

To dream of new, beautiful gate speaks of the fact that you overestimate your sex appeal. And vice versa, if it is old or broken – this means you doubt your beauty.

According to the dream book, a passage seen in a dream means a change of occupation, the prospect of postponing old business in order to start a new one. Often such a vision predicts a change of scenery. Beautiful, well-oiled gates indicate good opportunities in any undertakings, closed ones - warn against the implementation of an undertaking, if they are loose, broken or have fallen, this means that the planned business will not bring you much joy.

The iron gate seen in a dream personify strength and opening up prospects. Another version of what the iron gates represent in dreams is available in the General Interpreter and is explained by the fact that others stubbornly hide something from you. The wide open iron gates foreshadow the possibility of finding a way out of difficult circumstances in real life.

Wooden gate is considered a sign of ossified views on individual things, stubbornness, unwillingness to develop. Golden gate, according to the English dream dictionary, is a prerequisite for severe trials, loss of property, material and financial problems.

According to the Dream Interpretation from A to Z, to open the gate in a dream means to eliminate the offender; to close the gate in a dream – means to find salvation from creditors with the help of your friends.

Ivanov’s latest dream book interprets a little differently why one dreams of opening the gate. A dream signals loss, decline in business, family troubles. Closing the gates in a dream – predicts the completion of some important business.

If you demolished the gate in a dream – this means you will remove all obstacles on the way to the cherished goal. Climbing over the gate – means taking part in a dubious enterprise. Watching someone climb over means the risk of falling under the influence of a person who really does not wish you well.

To paint the gates in a dream, according to the Islamic dream book, promises a change in intentions, life priorities. Washing the gate – means getting rid of unnecessary things, acquaintances and relationships.

Playing football in a dream and scoring a goal in the gate is a sign that a sleeping person has the ability to rally people and lead the team to the desired result.

Sergii Haranenko
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