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Interpretation of a dream about arch

Arch in a dream often promises the emergence of reliable friends, a pleasant acquaintance, the success in business, protection, support. But sometimes this symbol foreshadows difficulties, a risky venture, delays in simple tasks.

Such a symbol personifies the union of two aspects. A vision of an arch promises promotion, success, provided the dreamer is united with someone, otherwise it will not work out.

A flower arch is a symbol of wealth. It is important to make enough effort to get this, and fate will send luck when required. Walking under a flower arch promises faithful friends and luck in love.

A wedding arch means you will have to think of changing your family position soon.

An arch decorated with bright lights means you will get acquainted with a very pleasant person soon; and this acquaintance will have very favorable consequences.

    Seeing an arch in a dream means there will be some changes soon. What they will be depends on what you saw behind the arch:
  • the sun - favorable circumstances;
  • flowers - joyful events;
  • beautiful house - a secure life;
  • a palace - wealth and luxury;
  • night, darkness - constant risk;
  • fog - uncertainty.

Seeing a big triumphal arch means the dreamer, in spite of the difficulties, will achieve wealth and fame.

A long arcade that appeared before you in a dream warns about troubles, obstacles, unexpected changes in plans.

The gate and the arch above them are a sign of excessive suspiciousness. The sleeper needs to work on himself, because sometimes it is very difficult for others to deal with him.