Grape Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Grape always symbolizes richness and fertility. If you were drinking grape wine in a dream you can be expecting wellness and financial stability. According to the Italian dreambook, if someone treated you with grape wine, this means that a close friend who will do everything for you will always come to help.

The dream in which you make grape wine predicts that without much effort you can achieve a high position in society, financial independence and respect of people. The Italian dreambook associates clusters of grapes with fertility, welfare, kindness and sexuality.

If you were ripping off leaves from the vineyard in order to eat them later, this plot shows that you do not value people who wish you well.

Hiding behind the vine in a dream can be a symbol of danger. A vine seen in a dream means that maybe you are being watched by an unpleasant person who wants to harm you.

A dream about trying to reach for the unripe bunches of grapes, but never get them, is a sign that you will not succeed in the near future, despite the fact that you will put maximum effort.

Planting grape in a dream is a sign that you will change life for better. Miller’s dreambook predicts success if you see a dream about planting grape.

If you dreamed about rich crop of grape, this means you will soon achieve significant position in society and will be helping other people later on. If such dream is seen by a young woman, this is a symbol of wishes coming true.

According to Freud, grape in a dream is a personification of voluptuousness and pleasure. If you were treating someone with grape in your dream, this means you are paying too much attention to sexuality in real life. You are used to solving conflicts and misunderstandings with the help of sex. Sooner or later you will have to find another way to communicate with people.

Woman’s dreambook states that a symbol of grape in a dream means troubles and problems. They will not break you but will make you stronger.

If the grape tasted badly in a dream, this is a symbol of fears and doubts related to important business decisions. This state will not last long, you will get your emotional balance back soon.

Some dreambooks think that eating grape in a dream predicts tears and sorrows because of some news.

Red clusters of grape seen in a dream prepare you for some fright (if seen by a young girl).

If someone presented you a bunch of grapes in a dream you can be expecting acquaintance with the opposite sex.

Sergii Haranenko
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