Dried Fruits Dream Meaning

Were there various dried fruits in the dream? This is an eloquent signal: it's time to rethink your past life, draw conclusions and, if possible, change something. The dream interpretation will tell you what else a delicious image can represent in a dream.

To get the most truthful answer, the interpretation of a dream should start with a general understanding that dried fruits symbolize in dreams a kind of stagnation, literally, desiccation. They can portend illness for men, and rapid aging for women.

Did you dream of dried fruits? The dream book warns: you run the risk of getting into a situation that will result in long, but mostly useless chores. Were you unlucky to see dried fruit? At night, this most often means disappointment, need, grief.

According to Miller, if you dreamed about dried fruits, this means you are very close to implementing your plans, but you will suddenly experience sharp decline in mental strength.

Why do you dream that you had to eat dried fruits through force in a dream? Despite your misgivings, you should pull yourself together and finish what you started.

But you can eat various dried fruits with pleasure before a stormy, but very fleeting love affair, from which you will literally lose your mind.

It is best to eat pastry with dried fruits in a dream. The dream book guarantees pleasant surprises and a cloudless existence.

What is the meaning of a dream of dried fruit beverage (compote)? You should show the utmost care when communicating with colleagues and, especially, with the management. It is possible that you decide to change your place of work.

Did you have a dream about how you personally cooked compote from dried fruits? In reality, a big surprise will occur; perhaps they will return the money you have long forgotten about.

But not just seeing, but drinking such a drink in a dream before empty conversation or big doubts about a decision already made.

Did you have a dream about buying dried fruits? The dream interpretation is sure: the cause of future troubles will be your own tongue that is sometimes too long.

If in a dream you had to buy dried fruits, this means you will get into large debts, and you will not give them back soon.

What does it mean if you happen to give the purchased dried fruit to someone? Try to remember this person: it is possible that it is he who will bring you big problems.

    For a clearer interpretation, the dream book proposes to establish a variety of dried fruits that you happened to see in a dream.
  • Raisins mean wealth, joy.
  • Prunes - big changes, moving.
  • Dried cranberries - deception, tears.
  • Dried pears - mean boring, painful love.
  • Dried apples - selfish thoughts, actions.
  • Dried apricots mean fortunate combination of all circumstances.
  • Dates mean fun, minor misunderstanding.
  • Dried fig - the acquisition of very non-standard knowledge.

Why do nuts appear in a dream? They promise general well-being, tranquility and prosperity.

At the same time, walnuts are a symbol of valuable ideas and promise their successful implementation. Did you have a dream about cracking nuts? Wait for an extremely unexpected confession in the near future.

It's good to see so many different nuts. The dream book guarantees good luck in all areas. But if they turned out to be rotten and tasteless in a dream, then, on the contrary, get ready for disappointment and collapse of plans.

What does it mean if you personally made dried fruits? The dream interpretation is sure: the decryption depends on the variety of fresh fruits directly.

Why, for example, do you dream that grapes were dried? Expect unpleasant news and problems, the cause of which will be your own incontinence.

In your dreams, did you make dried apples or pears? In reality, a boring and low-event period is approaching. In a dream, did you decide to dry apricots? Get ready for illness, grief, ageing.

Sergii Haranenko
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