Raisins Dream Meaning

Seeing raisins in a dream is an auspicious sign. The interpretation of this sign in a dream often has positive meaning, predicts favorable endeavors, financial success and joy. In order to explain the symbolism of raisins in a dream, you should remember the plot details and emotions you felt.

General meaning

Seeing and eating raisins in a dream is a symbol of welfare, joy, happiness; besides that it predicts sadness in love relations. If the dry fruit was spoiled, this is a sign of love without mutual feelings.

If you enjoyed eating raisins in a dream, this means you will enjoy life because there will be a period of calmness and peace.

If you dreamed that you are baking bread or buns with raisins, this is a favorable sign. It is a sign that you are using all the benefits given by God. The dream dictionaries state that you have to be grateful and not forget about your soul.

What does it mean if you dream about buying raisins? This means the dreamer will have some significant income. A dream about eating a bun with raisins is a favorable sign predicting unexpected surprises in addition to general welfare.

If the raisins appeared from nowhere or you were looking for it without success, this plot predicts pleasant events, the dreambooks state. You should keep moving along your trajectory because you are on the right way. You can expect success in business and at work.


There is also another explanation of dreams of raisins. You should pay attention to how it looked in your dream. If the raisins looked bad and were very small, almost like rice, this is a warning about problems, chores and losses. If you were eating small raisins in a dream, beware of fraud or a bitter life lesson.

If you bought raisins and added them into bakery in a dream, this plot means you may get into an ambiguous awkward situation.

If you have a dream that you scattered raisins, this is a sign that you may ruin your coming happiness with your own hands. The dreambooks recommend thinking your actions over because regrets will not help you fix the situation in future.

What else does raisin symbolize in dreams? This may also be a sign that you should make plans carefully because your hopes may fail when there is only one step before they come true. Sometimes seeing raisins in dreams means that showdown with neighbors is possible.

If you ate sultana in a dream, this means that insignificant sadness is possible.

If you were picking out raisins from buns in a dream, this means you are making something hopeless in reality. The dreambook warns that it is not worth your efforts because it is in vain. You should better concentrate on a more perspective endeavor.

If you were drying raisins in a dream, this means you should be careful during communication in order not to get into trouble. Impulsive statements about others may become the reason for conflicts.

Other dream details

If you were eating raisins in a dream, this plot may be a symbol of small love adventure that will completely overtake you. The relations will not turn into anything serious but will leave the pleasant memories.

If you saw another person eating raisins, this is a sign of pleasant events. Besides that this image predicts peace in the family.

A dream of buying raisins is a sign that the dreamer thinks that hard work is not for him, he seeks pleasant pastime.

Pastry with raisins is a sign of fortune coming into your life. Besides that there will be financial success and successful endeavors.

If you had a strange dream about raisins on a tree, this image has favorable interpretation about good profit and successful projects.

Some dreambooks consider dreams of raisins to be a sign of fatigue; it is possible that making some decision took a lot of your energy. You need to have a rest in order to restore harmony.

Sergii Haranenko
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