Autumn Dream Meaning

As well as in life, sunny pleasant autumn weather in your dream is a symbol of joy and fun, while dull and grey landscape represents sorrow and loneliness. As Miller states, if a woman sees a dream about a beautiful golden autumn, this is a prediction that she will receive some property but she will first have to contend her right of possession. A dream when a girl is planning to get married in autumn is a promise of happiness, love and welfare for her.

Seeing a dream about cloudy muddy weather behind the window implies worsening relations with your beloved that will result in feeling of sorrow and blues. If you were walking in a thick dark autumn forest, you will not be able to finish your business the way you wanted in real life. Everything will be falling out of your hands and annoy you.

A dream about cold autumn wind blowing leaves from the trees behind the window promises guests who will bring troubles and problems to your house. If you happened to wander at the cemetery in a cold autumn night and were hiding your face from the wind, this dream is a sign that you will soon be offended by a person you barely know. In spite of the fact that this offence will be absolutely minor, the incident will affect you a lot.

A dream about a warm pleasant golden autumn with bright days and warm nights is a promise of big joy and happiness. All around you will be pleasing you: your work, family and your friends. If you were buying new autumn shoes, this dream promises new apparel and good mood. Maybe you will have a wish to change your image and if you do, have no doubts, everything will work out. If you were walking in an autumn forest and gathered mushrooms and berries, you may have a pleasant trip or spend nice quiet weekend outside. Gathering colorful leaves falling from autumn trees is a favorable sign for businessmen and it promises good profit.

If you had a dream about autumn in summer, it is a sign of life changes. If the weather was sunny and warm, the changes will be for the better. An unpleasant damp grey autumn warns you about troubles and unfavorable changes. If it is winter in reality and you saw a dream about late autumn with some snow, you can be offered promotion with better working conditions and salary. Dreams about autumn in spring promise changes in personal life. If such dream was seen in early spring you should be prepared for unpleasant events, such as getting apart with your partner. An autumn dream in the period of blossoming spring gives you an expectation of new stage of your relation: proposal, wedding or childbirth.

Snow on golden leaves is a sign of pleasant memorable pleasant events. If you saw that it was September on the calendar but there was snow and snowdrifts everywhere, this dream is a promise of a very pleasant surprise from your partner.

If you had a dream when it seemed like autumn yesterday and the next day it was already winter and Christmas coming, this is a great symbol of bright wonderful events in your life. Something you couldn’t even dream about will happen in your life. If it was November in your dream, but there was snow on blossoming trees, your friends will make you presents without any occasion. If you saw a dream when after autumn there was spring and the flowers started to blossom, one of your enemies will offer his friendship.

Sergii Haranenko
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