Hat Dream Meaning

A major part of explanation of a dream about hat depends on how this accessory looked and who it was intended for. Trying on a hat in a dream predicts a quick rise over career ladder. A new and beautiful headdress promises financial gain and all sorts of life benefits. A hat with wide brim appears in dream plots only when real life circumstances require maximum concentration from you. Only valuation and cold mind will help solve problems or achieve the set goals.

Putting a hat on predicts taking part in quite a serious project. You future life will depend on the results of this project. You should not show cowardice and resist the desire to be lazy, otherwise you can get into big trouble that will be very difficult to resolve.

A straw hat predicts a number of joyful events and pleasant meetings. You can meet an old friend whom you haven’t seen for a while in quite an unexpected place. A military hat predicts a lot of fairly difficult work that will need to be done in reality. A hat of unusual shape and color predicts non-standard course of events; the events that you expected less of all will be taking place in your life. Trying on a cap means you are not satisfied with your life. You do not like many things in your life: starting from your apartment and ending with your sexual partner. You can change the situation only making some decisive actions.

If a woman sees a dream about man’s hat, she will soon have to take men’s responsibility. If a man sees woman’s hat, shame and humiliation are waiting for him. Trying on an expensive and richly decorated hat predicts changes. The changes will be caused by serious news. Child’s or woman’s bonnet predicts quite a happy period full of peace and welfare. Sewing a bonnet yourself in a dream is a promise of getting married soon. The marriage will mostly probable be happy and quite long. A hat on the head can predict travelling. Shabby and dirty hats predict troubles and bad luck.

If your hat got wet in a dream, you should be prepared for losses; fortune will turn its back to you. You will have to fight with troubles on your own without help of others. The situation will get better after a while and everything will go smoothly. Dropping a hat out of your hands is a promise of financial loss and insults. Picking it up symbolizes correcting your mistake. If your hat was lost, there will be a series of quarrels, regrets and worries.

If you were buying a hat in a dream, this plot symbolizes the fail of your hopes. Nothing which you were counting for will be fulfilled. A cocked hat in a dream represents courage. You will need your inner strength and concentration in order to adequately survive all the hits of fate. Putting on a knight's helmet means you will receive patronage from an influential person. The same plot may also predict getting officially married.

If you saw a dream about several hats at once this means you will get several chances to improve your life. According to Vanga, a dream about a hat with a feather symbolizes getting a non-standard situation. You will bring the lesson which you will get from this situation through your whole life. A hat with a veil is a symbol of dignity and self-respect. According to Miller, a hat in a dream represents a forced struggle for your good name. Some people who are extremely unfriendly towards you will decide to defame your honor.

A yellow hat promises a period of happiness and welfare. If a woman sees a dream about a man in woman’s hat, she should take a better look at her partner; mostly probable he is hiding some important information. A green hat usually predicts promotion at work. A red hat is a promise of a quick passionate romance or a light romantic adventure. The same color can also advise you paying attention to your health. A black hat predicts troubles and obstacles. White or wedding hat gets you ready for serious life changes.

A cowboy hat symbolizes a wish to show initiative. Now is the best time to put all your doubts and fears away and take the situation under control. A cylinder hat advises you taking into consideration your relative’s advices.

Sergii Haranenko
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